Anritsu Co. announces that its ME7873LA RF/RRM Conformance Test System (CTS) leads the industry in total number of validated PTCRB 3CA LTE test cases supported by any platform. This leadership position was achieved based on approvals gained at the recent PTCRB #83 meeting held March 14-17 in Tampa, FL.

“Anritsu is proud to be the industry leader in high-speed LTE technologies,” said Paul Innis, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company. “Our validations for PTCRB 3CA LTE test cases is another step on the path to 5G and multi-gigabit rates in the future. We are honored to support carrier deployments of 3CA LTE that will continue this year, as it shows our commitment to provide customers with value-added test solutions needed to validate products integrating emerging technologies and improve time to market for customers’ products.”

The ME7873LA RF/RRM CTS is a scalable GCF, PTCRB, and carrier-validated test system that enables certification of LTE and W-CDMA devices to industry and carrier standards. The ME7873LA provides test coverage for 3GPP 36.521-1 (TX, RX, and Performance), 36.521-3 (Radio Resource Management – RRM), 34.121-1 (TX, RX, Performance, and RRM), and carrier-specific Supplementary RF/RRM test packages. The ME7873LA provides industry-leading LTE-Advanced feature coverage, including 2CA and 3CA test cases for both inter- and intra-band CA with MIMO.

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