Metrigraphics, a leading process development and manufacturing resource for miniature passive circuits and electroformed structures, announced their recent move to Lowell, Mass. This move provides additional space to accommodate company growth and allow for greater advances in the manufacturing of their customers' products. The greatest benefits lie in the addition of the class 10,000 clean room and increased space dedicated to electroforming. Both the clean room and larger plating area will facilitate quality improvements, increase capacity and development of new technologies.

The address of the new location is 1001 Pawtucket Blvd., Lowell, MA 01854. The main phone number has changed to (978) 703-6822 while email address and website remain the same.

“The biggest game changer for us is the class 10,000 clean room and additional space dedicated to electroforming,” said Mark Fortin, President of Metrigraphics. “Our new location in Lowell provides all the keys needed to support the growing needs of our customers and emerging technologies.”

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