Two-axis Monopulse Detection Subsystem
This two-axis monopulse detection subsystem has been upgraded to provide low boresight error and good off-boresight accuracy over a dynamic range of more than 60 dB. At 30 MHz, the system drives ±1 V outputs into 75 W under equal signal conditions and operates with modulated signals from a 150 ns pulse width to CW. Optional configurations support the ability to accurately measure the phase angle between two signals independently of their amplitude over a total dynamic range of 60 dB with differential inputs up to 30 dB.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 436-7400.

Multichannel High Power Transmitter Combiner
This multichannel high power transmitter combiner can be configured in nine different combinations covering the 850 to 870 MHz frequency range with no tuning required. Equipped with standard EIA 19" rack mounting, the unit offers integral fan cooling for up to 400 W dissipation with wiring provided for 18 to 70 V DC operation. Typical performance for the unit include greater than 70 dB isolation between transmitters with insertion loss of less than 7 dB for the four-way unit and 3.8 dB for the two-way unit.
Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Boxborough, MA
(978) 263-4994.