Indium Corp. will feature its void-reducing no-clean solder pastes to help customers Avoid the Void™ at IPC APEX Expo, held on March 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Indium Corp., the industry-leading source of void-reducing materials and results, has specifically formulated Indium 10.1 solder paste to reduce voiding significantly below the industry average – for improved finished goods reliability. Indium 10.1 delivers robust reflow capabilities and a wide processing window, which accommodates various board sizes and throughput requirements, and minimizes defects.

For a halogen-free option, Indium8.9HF solder paste delivers very low-voiding. Its unique oxidation barrier technology makes it perfectly suited for a variety of applications, especially automotive assembly.

In addition to outstanding print transfer and excellent response-to-pause, Indium 10.1 and Indium 8.9HF both provide excellent pin-in-paste solderability and hole-fill, while remaining stable at room temperature for up to 30 days.

Avoid the Void means manufacturers no longer have to settle for unacceptable levels of voiding when soldering QFNs, CSPs, or BGAs. Indium 10.1 and Indium 8.9HF are part of Indium Corp.’s family of high-performance, lead-free, low-voiding, no-clean solder pastes.

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