The Danish aerospace, defense and security company Terma announced the opening of an office in Brussels, Belgium. The new office is the latest addition to the company’s continuous global expansion. With the headquarters in Denmark, Terma now also has subsidiaries and operations in The Netherlands, Germany, USA, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and India.

Jørn Henrik Levy Rasmussen, senior VP, Market Development commented, “Opening an office in Brussels is a logical development of our wish to be close to our markets and partners. Brussels is the heart of Europe and sets the agenda on a broad spectrum of issues critical to our sector. Being here, allows us to work more closely with key partners and policy-makers within NATO, the EU institutions, industry organizations, and customers.”

Terma has seconded Anne Mette Mosekjær Søndergaard, director, to head the Brussels office. She has been with Terma for more than five years and has been responsible for a global marketing team dealing with stakeholder outreach, public affairs, exhibitions planning, digital media, and strategic communication.

“Anne Mette’s experience from Terma and prior positions mesh very well with what it takes to operate in Brussels. Knowing Terma’s business profoundly and the complex decision-making processes in the highly regulated defense and security market provide her with a solid platform to bringing forward our key priorities in Brussels,” said Rasmussen.