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The Surveyor 500 is a wideband measurement system for collecting wireless transmissions between 300 MHz and 4.4 GHz. Combining a scanning receiver, computer and software, the system characterizes wireless networks by automatically scanning, collecting and categorizing the signals it receives. The Surveyor 500 is compatible with GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, EVDO, LTE, WiMAX and Wi-Fi and will record the metadata of the detected control channels and associated information. The measurements are passive, meaning the system doesn’t require handshaking with the communications network being characterized.

Complementing the wideband receiver, the DCode Pro software interface enables system control and data analysis, with real-time visual notifications. The software includes several recent enhancements: The spectrum viewer provides a spectral display showing cellular modulation types, signals and interferences; The band editor enables the user to identify spectrum that is out of band for the standard band classes; System software is upgradeable, so adding new communications protocols is straightforward.

Designed for fast measurements and low power consumption, the Surveyor 500 is very effective for cellular drive testing. With internal GPS, the system can map the location of base stations. It can also synchronize with external GPS data.

The Surveyor 500 logs data on a removable CFast card, has Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces, can be controlled with a USB mouse and keyboard, and includes an HDMI port for showing video. The system is enclosed in an IP66 rated aluminum chassis, measuring 6.4" × 3.5" × 7.9", and weighs 8 lb. It is powered with an external supply between 10 and 32 V DC, typically from an automobile.

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