Custom MMIC, a leading developer of performance driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), has launched a new website. The site features over 80 products from their catalog and over a dozen recently released high performance, GaAs and GaN low noise amplifiers, distributed amplifiers, power amplifiers, driver amplifiers, attenuators, mixers, multipliers, phase shifters, and switches.
In addition to several industry-leading performance characteristics driven by customer demand, this new suite of standard MMICs includes solutions to signal chain design challenges as well. Several models feature a positive bias (or enhancement mode) approach. In comparison to depletion mode amplifiers―which require a bias sequencing circuit to ensure negative voltage is applied before Vdd―positive bias amplifiers do not require supply and input sequencing. These amplifiers also allow for high speed pulsed mode operation. Other products featured on the new site are new GaN low noise amplifiers (LNAs) capable of withstanding 5 watts on their input; low insertion loss and high isolation switches operating to 28 GHz; broadband multipliers useful up through 40 GHz; and a distributed amplifier with a unique positive gain slope.
The site also includes free signal chain optimizing design calculators, including a thermal profile calculator for printed circuit boards, an attenuator calculator for digital attenuators, an image rejection calculator for mixers, and a cascade analysis calculator for your entire microwave subsystem. The calculators are available here:
Designed and developed by microwave industry specialists, Strand Marketing, the new custom MMIC website can be easily viewed and fully navigated on any device. For more information, visit