SKY65605-21_SKY65611-11Skyworks Introduces BDS/GPS/GNSS Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Skyworks introduces two global navigation low noise amplifiers.  The SKY65605-21 and SKY65611-21 are both designed for BeiDou/GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver applications and are optimized to operate from 1559 to 1606 MHz.  Each device integrates all output matching components, thereby requiring only a single external input matching component.

Ideal applications include smartphones, personal navigation devices, wearables, machine-to-machine systems, base stations, asset tracking instruments and professional radios.  The devices provide high linearity, excellent gain, a high 1 dB input compression point (IP1 dB), and a superior noise figure.

The LNAs use surface-mount technology in the form of quad flat no-lead packaging, allowing for highly manufacturable and low-cost solutions. The SKY65605-21 comes in a 0.7 x 1.1 x 0.55 mm package and the SKY65611-11 in a 1.1 x 0.9 x 0.45 mm package.

The links to the data sheets can be found on at: (SKY65605-21) and (SKY65611-11)