High Speed, Ultra-precision Semirigid Cable Saw
This saw is designed to perform precise cutting of semirigid coax cable. The tool can trim or cut cable to a tolerance of 0.0005" in less than two seconds and without leaving any burr on the cable. A precision slide mechanism and cable tray are added to cut cable to length. Cable sizes of up to 0.25" can be accommodated. The micrometer reads to five decimal places.
Florida RS Technology,
Palm City, FL
(561) 221-8188.

Resistor Trimming System
The NmTRIM-2500 series resistor trimming system provides an inexpensive resistor trimmer platform for electronic product manufacturers who are replacing bulky potentiometers with new surface-mount laser trim resistors. Designed with an integrated diode-pumped YAG laser, the system maintains a small overall footprint. Customized fixture and automated loading/unloading also are available.
Neuman MicroTechnologies Inc.,
Concord, NH
(603) 228-6862.

Mask Aligners
The models MA 150CC and 200CC fully automated production mask aligners are designed for the fabrication of multichip module (MCM)-D substrates. The units achieve good printing results in photo-BCP, which is being utilized increasingly as dielectric material in MCMs. The tools are suitable for designs down to 5 mm and are intended to meet future requirements for photolithography in MCM-D technology. The aligners' field-proven handling system can reliably transport several types of substrate up to 6" x 6" and 8" x 8".
Karl Suss,
Waterbury Center, VT
(802) 244-5181.