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Linear Technology’s DC2274A USB dongle serves as a network manager for a SmartMesh IPTM wireless sensor network. With its compact USB dongle form factor, the DC2274A, along with SmartMesh IP wireless nodes, makes it easy to rapidly deploy a wireless mesh network for field trials and to accelerate sensor product development.

Based on 6LoWPAN, SmartMesh IP mesh networking products deliver >99.999 percent network reliability at ultra-low power, with no network stack development required. This is particularly important for industrial IoT applications, where wireless sensor networks may be deployed in harsh and remote environments. Linear Technology’s Dust Networks product group develops low power and highly reliable standards-based wireless sensor networking products. Dust Networks products are field proven, with over 45,000 customer networks in 120 countries. With an average power consumption of less than 50 µA in heavy usage applications, SmartMesh IP products deliver over 10 years of battery life, enabling wireless sensor nodes to be placed anywhere. Since all SmartMesh products include secure pre-compiled network stacks, dynamic mesh optimization software and network diagnostics software, developers can focus on rapid industrial IoT application development and rely on Dust Networks’ -years of mesh networking expertise embedded in every product.

The DC2274A USB Network Manager is available individually or as part of the DC9000B SmartMesh IP Starter Kit, which includes five wireless mesh nodes and retails at $750. With a SmartMesh IP Starter Kit, users can set up a wireless mesh network in minutes and quickly evaluate the network performance in their own application environments.

Linear Technology
Milpitas, Calif.