CMD213_226_227Custom MMIC, a leading developer of performance-driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), has expanded its standard product portfolio with three frequency multipliers/doublers. The Multiplier family now covers output frequencies from 8 to 40 GHz, with both passive and active architectures. The active multipliers offer high output power for driving mixers directly, while their passive counterparts offer low phase noise with a lower output power.

The CMD213 is a broadband x 2 active frequency multiplier available in die form that covers an input frequency range of 8 to 15 GHz input. The CMD213 offers high output power, and its 46 dBc Fo isolation surpasses that of its competitors. When driven by a +17 dBm signal, the CMD213 provides +17 dBm output power from 30 to 40 GHz. The Fo isolation is greater than 46 dBc at 35 GHz. Its 50 ohm matched design eliminates the need for external DC blocks and RF port matching.

The CMD226 and the CMD227 are broadband x2 passive frequency multipliers available in die form with input frequency ranges of 7 to 11 GHz and 8 to 15 GHz, respectively. Both multipliers offer low conversion loss, superb Fo isolation, and no additive phase noise, thus making them ideal for synthesizer circuits. The 50 ohm matched design eliminates the need for RF port matching.

When driven by an input signal of +15 dBm, the CMD226 provides 10.5 dB conversion loss at an output frequency of 18 GHz, and the Fo and 3Fo isolations 44 dBc and 46 dBc respectively. Similarly, when driven at an input signal level of +15 dBm, the CMD227 provides 11 dB conversion loss at an output frequency of 23 GHz, and the Fo and 3Fo isolations are 40 dBc and 43 dBc respectively.

Typical applications for Custom MMIC family of frequency multipliers/doublers include military radar/EW, point-to-point radios, VSAT, and test instrumentation.

To download full datasheets on the CMD213, CMD226, and CMD227, visit the Custom MMIC Product Library.