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CTS has expanded its OCXO portfolio with the addition of a Low G-Sensitivity option on their miniature, high-performance, ultra-low power OCXOs. Models 144, VFOV405 and VFOV504 now include a Low G-Sensitivity option at about 10 MHz through 100 MHz and beyond to 2E-10/g Gamma. This is a significant performance enhancement under dynamic conditions, an order of magnitude improvement over industry typical G-sensitivity numbers, in addition to the significant size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) advantages these platforms already provide. Their SWaP-C and performance features are highly attractive versus the industry standard devices that are larger and more power hungry conventional OCXOs.

These models are TO-8 sized, coldwelded, evacuated enclosures covering HF, VHF and UHF frequencies. The addition of the Low G-Sensitivity option to these platforms provides compelling solutions for many of the most challenging high-performance frequency control needs, especially regarding the continually expanding need of operation and performance under dynamic conditions.

CTS LPOCXOs are designed into military, defense, aerospace, industrial and commercial applications serving a multitude of Tx/Rx based applications, GPS based applications and on-board Local and Master reference requirements for ground (including hand-held, man-portable and vehicle based applications), airborne, shipboard, undersea and space where precision (</=10 ppb, -40º to +85ºC), low static phase noise (to -100 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz, -170 dBc/Hz floor), ultra-low power consumption (to 0.12 W steady state, 0.4 W start-up, typical) and Low G-Sensitivity are necessary all based from a TO-8 packaged OCXO. Very low aging characteristics are also available to support =/>15 year application/mission life, further reduction in G-sensitivity can also be reviewed on a case by case basis as well as overall shock and vibration requirements.

CTS can also address the need for value added sub-assembly applications where the LPOCXO can be phase locked to other frequency sources, with additional features all contained in a relatively small module.

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