Advantech Wireless, a global leader for satellite and microwave broadband communications solutions, was selected by Raytheon to supply Transcend™ 800 microwave radio subsystem for point to point Microwave communications as part of Raytheon’s on going microwave development infrastructure.

Transcend™ 800 microwave radios are fully capable to operate in harsh environments and sustain significant electromagnetic interferences while still reliably operating in high availability networks. Advantech Wireless is focused on the customer’s needs, creating microwave products that are the industry leaders in quality and reliability. At the same time Advantech Wireless manufactured equipment provides low operational costs and lower support costs to our customer base.

Advantech Wireless’s Transcend™ 800 provides IP L2 switching and L3 routing functionalities as well as True Adaptive Coding and Modulation (True ACM™). Transcend™ 800 carries natively video, IP and TDM traffic.  The Transcend™ 800 microwave radio is an affordable high capacity, high performance and flexible solution to demanding transmission, telecom and broadcast applications. It is available in a split-mount version and all-indoor configurations.

Visit Advantech Wireless Booth No. 519 at SATCON 2015, Nov 11-12 in New York and TV Connect Africa 2015, Booth TV6, Nov 17-19 in Cape Town, South Africa.