Optenni Ltd. has released a new version of its matching circuit optimization software Optenni Lab™, supporting a link to Copper Mountain Technologies’ USB VNAs. The link enables users to stream the measured data directly into Optenni Lab, where the user can specify the matching targets and synthesize matching circuits essentially in real time. Using this connection, users can easily test antennas and virtual matching circuit prototypes in different impedance environments.

“We are excited to have Optenni Ltd as a solutions partner,” said Alex Goloschokin, managing director of Copper Mountain Technologies. “The interface between CMT VNAs and Optenni Lab creates a seamless link between measurements and simulations. Antenna designers will be able to monitor the antenna performance under various measured operating conditions and environments as seen through synthesized matching circuits.”

“The measurements from the Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNA are directly available for matching circuit optimization in the Optenni Lab software. This connection creates an efficient workflow as users are seeing the total performance of the real prototype antenna and simulated matching network in real time”, said Dr. Jussi Rahola, CEO of Optenni Ltd.

Optenni Ltd. recently demonstrated this software solution at European Microwave Week in Paris with Copper Mountain Technologies one-port R54 (up to 5.4 GHz) and two-port compact S5048 (up to 4.8 GHz).