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A new coupled cavity traveling wave vacuum device (VTA-6427S2) from the Microwave Power Products (MPP) division of CPI provides 700 W saturated CW power optimized for any 3 GHz instantaneous bandwidth within the 27 to 31 GHz frequency range. The output power can be backed off for applications that require more linearity.

Operating at a fixed cathode voltage, the coupled cavity design of the VTA-6427S2 delivers higher output power with greater instantaneous bandwidth than alternative high power amplifier (HPA) technologies, such as helix traveling wave tube (TWT) and extended interaction klystron (EIK).

The VTA-6427S2 requires 25 dBm input power (maximum) to drive the output to the rated saturated output; small-signal gain tapers from approximately 45 to 37 dB across 27 to 30 GHz. The HPA consumes 1200 W of prime power and uses 17 kV beam voltage. The RF input and output interfaces are WR-28 waveguide and are located on the top of the unit, which measures 4.0" wide, 3.9" high and 14.5" long and weighs 12 lbs.

Communications & Power Industries LLC
Microwave Power Products Division
Palo Alto, Calif.