Communications and Power Industries awarded $5 M to support U.S. military communications

Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI) has received initial orders totaling more than $5 million from a prime contractor for high-power, Ka-Band satellite communications amplifiers. These satcom amplifiers will be used in a U.S. military communications program intended to provide worldwide communications connectivity to tactically deployed forces.

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Klystron High Power Amplifiers for SATCOM Applications

C-, Ku- and direct broadcast satellite-band power amplifiers, which incorporate a unique multistage depressed-collector klystron that allows for a smaller, more efficient and cooler running amplifier
Klystron High Power Amplifiers for SATCOM Applications Communications & Power Industries (CPI), Satcom Division Palo Alto, CA A new family of C-band, Ku-band and direct broadcast satellite (DBS)-band compact GEN IV klystron power amplifiers (KPA) has been introduced. The new amplifiers incorporate a multistage depressed-collector (MSDC) klystron that allows...
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