Passive Plus Inc. (PPI) is now offering its 0402BB104 Broadband Capacitors in both 25 and 50 V (WVDC) versions. While the 25 V version typically operates to 35 GHz with an insertion loss < 1.2 dB, the 50 V version’s operating frequency range has been extended to 50 GHz, with a typical maximum insertion loss < 1.2 dB.

These capacitors are intended primarily for coupling RF signals or, occasionally, for bypassing them to ground, while blocking DC.  The applications for which they are intended require small, surface-mountable devices that provide low RF impedances, i.e., low insertion losses and reflections, across extremely large RF bandwidths and temperatures typically ranging from -55 to +85ᵒC.

Small, single-layer capacitors, apart from not being surface-mountable, usually do not have sufficiently large capacitance values to cover the required frequency range, which may extend from the tens or hundreds of kilohertz to the tens of gigahertz. Ordinary multi-layer capacitors, when operated over these ranges, display “parallel resonances,” narrow frequency bands over which they have high impedances and insertion losses. The Passive Plus “BB” series overcomes these objections to achieve bandwidths as high as -- in the case of the 0402BB104KW500 -- a remarkable 16 KHz to 50 GHz.









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