Keysight Technologies Inc. introduced a wireless power transfer analysis option for its E5072A, E5061B, and E5063A ENA series network analyzers. With this software option, the ENA Series network analyzers are now able to effectively address the needs of emerging wireless power transfer (WPT) markets.

A key factor in designing WPT devices is the performance of the power transfer efficiency between coupled coils and resonators. Therefore, the ability to characterize these components and measure power transfer efficiency in real-time is paramount. Keysight’s new WPT analysis option provides that capability with its arbitrary load impedance setting.

“The demand to test wireless power transfer efficiency is expanding rapidly in the market as more and more devices start to support wireless power transfer technologies,” said Akira Nukiyama, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s Component Test Division, Kobe. “Performing this testing according to wireless power transfer standards is just as critical. With our new software option for the ENA Series analyzers, Keysight becomes the only vendor to provide WPT analysis software for a vector network analyzer. For today’s product integrators, component manufacturers and test centers, this new software option means they now have the functionality needed to properly test their WPT devices and wireless charging systems.”

Another key feature of the WPT analysis software is its ability to enable E5072A, E5061B and E5063A ENA Series network analyzer users to perform advanced 2D/3D simulation. Doing so allows them to visualize the dependency of load impedance in wireless power transfer systems.

U.S. Pricing and Availability

Keysight’s new WPT analysis software (Option 006) for the E5072A, E5061B, and E5063A ENA Series network analyzers, as well as a customer installable upgrade kit for each model, is available now. The base price for the software option is $5,000. Pricing for the three network analyzers (software included) and the upgrade kit for each model, is as follows:

ENA Series network analyzers with wireless power transfer analysis software

  • E5072A with option 006   $45,000
  • E5061B with option 006   $40,000
  • E5063A with option 006   $15,000

Option 006 software upgrade kit for ENA Series network analyzers

  • E5072AU-006   $5,000
  • E5061BU-006   $5,000
  • E5063AU-006   $5,000

More information about the new ENA Series option, including a backgrounder, is available at An image of the software option is available at

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