Sunsight Instruments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunsight Industries -- the industry leader in producing antenna alignment tools and antenna monitoring systems -- will showcase its new Microwave Path Alignment Kit at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 in booth 4661.
Sunsight Instruments continues to redefine the antenna alignment marketplace with the introduction of their high performance Microwave Path Alignment Kit. The kit is specifically designed to achieve a highly accurate positional path alignment, and will make microwave antenna installations fast and accurate -- saving valuable time and money.
General Contractors struggle daily with difficult microwave backhaul alignment.  Current methods take tower crews hours, and sometimes even days, to find the main lobe. Sunsight’s new kit cuts that time down to mere minutes.  The kit does not need to wait to find the signal from the opposite side.  It uses very accurate positioning to sync both sides and relay the precise position.  Using known GPS position and dual communicating units -- taking into account, height and curvature of the earth -- allow for this high speed positioning.  Alignment of microwave links has never been faster or easier.
Azimuth, tilt/roll, height and geographic location (latitude and longitude) can be captured and recorded.  No additional software purchase, post processing or cables are required. Sunsight’s all-inclusive kit for fast alignment of wireless backhaul links is tested and proven to align antennas up to 150 miles apart.
Installation engineers can now conduct key tests and reporting with improved accuracy.    Sunsight’s alignment systems are designed to be flexible and cost-efficient, to address user needs.  The following products and applications will be demonstrated at the show:

  • AAT-30 is the lightest, easiest-to-use, most accurate and lowest cost RF directional alignment tool on the market.   AAT-15 the industry’s best-in-class instrument, with an accuracy of .15° RMS.
  • AntennAware Attitude Sensor (AAS) is a lifelong monitoring system of the antenna providing absolute azimuth, tilt/roll and height.
  • Antenna Attitude Sensor Lite (AASL) is a real-time tilt and roll antenna position monitoring sensor.
  • PSApp  (Public Safety Application) E-911 Validation Application accurately records antenna sectors and site position data for the new FCC mandate of 50 meters for emergency call location accuracy.

These industry-leading Sunsight alignment solutions address market need for high value, top-performing specifications -- in light weight, durable and accurate tools.