GigOptix, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced semiconductor communications components for use in Cloud connectivity, data centers, and high-speed optical and wireless networks, today announced the inception of the Global Customer Operations Organization (GCO), under the leadership of Dr. Raluca Dinu, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. This change in organization structure is aimed at establishing complete alignment of the company’s operations with the customers’ requirements, by integrating into one organization the driving of a strategic roadmap, tactical and product marketing, engineering applications, and global sales.

“While GigOptix has always been driven by technology and leading edge innovation, the continuous growth of the company requires a focused marketing driven direction. The Global Customer Operations Organization leads the business directions and provides the product and technology roadmap targeting profitable markets and strategic customers. The Marketing Department will be driven by four marketing directors each with full leadership of a roadmap and profit and loss (P&L) in their areas. With an extremely knowledgeable, technical marketing and sales team, GigOptix is poised to strengthen its business in its existing markets, develop its presence in new markets aligned with its strategic directions, and fundamentally deliver performance in line with market expectations,” said Dr. Dinu.

“We are very pleased to welcome today two new Marketing Directors: Dr. Koichi Murata as Director of the GigOptix Telecom Marketing, and Mr. Anthony Jackson as Director of Wireless and RF Product Marketing,” said Dr. Dinu.

Dr. Koichi Murata is a seasoned veteran of the optical communications industry. Previously, Dr. Murata worked for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Laboratories for 26 years. His activity revolved around development of high-speed mixed-signal ICs using III-V semiconductor technologies for long-haul large-capacity optical transmission systems. As senior manager of High-Speed Devices and Technology Laboratory, and Metro-Access Network Division, Dr. Murata managed the development and commercialization of the optical components and modules for 100Gbps/400Gbps digital coherent systems, InP-based Mach-Zehender Modulator, InGaAs/InP Avalanche Photodiodes, next-generation network control LSI for the convergence of mobile and access network, and optical sab-assemblies for 100GbE and 400GbE. Dr. Murata has 96 individual patents, and has published more than 160 papers in professional journals and international conference publications.

Mr. Jackson has a long tenure at the wireless industry. He joined GigOptix from TriQuint/Qorvo where he lead the marketing RF product line, with emphasis on LNAs and SAW Filters used in mobile handsets, tablets, and other wireless devices. Prior to Qorvo, Mr. Jackson led the development and delivery of 2.5Gbps through 3Gbps wireless and RF contracts at AC Wireless.

In addition to the newly joining Dr. Murata and Mr. Jackson, the following are the Marketing Directors for the other product lines:

Tom Kapucija leads the Datacom Marketing at GigOptix. In his previous experience, Mr. Kapucija managed at Micrel the product line marketing for LR/ER applications to 11.3Gbps as well as the FTTx product portfolio for GEPON, GPON, and next generation XGPON. At Mindspeed, Mr. Kapucija’s primary responsibility was development and launch of the Broadcast video portfolio for HDTV applications at 1.5Gbps and 3.0Gbps as well as the asynchronous crosspoint switch portfolio to 3.2Gbps, while at Gennum, Mr. Kapucija was responsible for serial broadcast video family transition from SDTV to HDTV with definition and launch of first complete single rate chipset and roadmap definition for multi-rate family to support SDTV and HDTV requirements.

 Dan Takise leads the ASIC Global Sales and Marketing activities. Previously Mr. Takise was the VP of Marketing at ESS, where his responsibility included Product Marketing, Technical Product Marketing, Application Team, and Marcom of approximately 60 people, for products that include DVD, DVD Recorder, PC and Mobile Audio, chipsets with annual revenue of more than $300 million. Before ESS, Mr. Takise was General Manager of NEC Consumer Division, responsible for VR MIPS based embedded processors, TV, Set-top Box and 1394 chipsets.