High FrequencyCeramic Filter AngleSkyworks Solutions, through its subsidiary Trans-Tech, Inc., unveils webCRaFT, a Web-based ceramic bandpass filter selection program. Customers can easily search for bandpass filter solutions by defining target performance criteria. Frequencies range from 300 to 5000 MHz and bandwidths from 2 to 25 percent. Filters outside of those boundaries are available upon request. To learn more, please visit www.trans-techinc.com/webcraft.asp.

Trans-Tech designs and manufactures a broad range of advanced technical ceramics including dielectric resonators and coaxial transmission line elements, ceramic bandpass filters, ferrites and garnet material for circulators/isolators for both low and high volume requirements. Trans-Tech also provides RF engineers the products and engineering support necessary to optimize their ceramic requirements.For more information, please visit Trans-Tech’s website at: www.transtechinc.com.