Advantech Wireless, a global leader for Satellite broadband communications solutions, announced today the release of the Second Generation Super Compact TT Series GaN Technology based 300 W C-Band BUC.

The second generation 300 W C-Band GaN SSPA/SSPB from Advantech Wireless offers an impressive 60 percent RF Linear Power increase, while reducing the energy consumption by 30 percent, and reducing the weight and overall size by 45 percent. In terms of linear power, the 300 W unit is the equivalent of a previous 500 W SSPA, and of a 750 W TWT.

These units are specifically designed for maritime application, where bandwidth demand has increased exponentially, and where the high temperature in the Radome is always a challenge.

“The improved GaN reliability and low size allow perfect integration into the ship stabilized antennas, where size is extremely important for perfect balancing, and where heat generation has to be reduced to the minimum,” stated Cristi Damian, VP business development at Advantech Wireless. “The Second Generation of 300 W C-Band GaN based systems, continues the tradition of the previous 200 W C-Band GaN based SSPAs from Advantech Wireless, already deployed and installed on thousands of ships in the sea, with outstanding performance.”