Maury Microwave will be giving two microapps presentations at IMS2015:

New Noise Parameter Measurement, Extraction and Validation Techniques Tuesday May 19, 4:15-4:30 p.m.

Noise parameters are simple in theory; solve four simultaneous equations for four unknown noise parameters.  Practically, the method in which noise powers are measured as a function of source impedance can greatly affect a solution.  The algorithms used to extract noise parameters from the measurements can greatly affect a solution.  And beyond measurement and extraction, a viable validation methodology is required to verify the accuracy of the noise parameter solution.  This presentation will review the various measurement, extraction and validation improvements which have enhanced state-of-the-art noise parameter solutions.

High-Speed Impedance Tuning Wednesday May 20, 2:45-3:00 p.m.

Everyone has seen the recent AT&T commercials where the host asks the children, what’s better faster or slower.  Today’s society is about instant gratification, and that extends to test and measurement as well.  Maury has developed a line of new device characterization solutions which are orders of magnitude faster than their predecessors.  New tuner mechanics allow impedance tuners to move 2x-5x faster than before.  New LXI tuner-control allows commands to be passed quicker than with external DLLs or external controller hardware.  New characterization, calibration and measurement algorithms give speed improvements of 2x-100x while improving accuracy.  And new active load pull technologies have enabled high speed load pull measurements in less than 0.4sec for 20 impedances!  This presentation will review the various hardware and software improvements which have enabled speed enhancements of 2x-100x and more.

In addition, Maury will be hosting live demos of our state-of-the-art solutions at their booth, 745, on Keysight Avenue.

Demos include:

MT2000 mixed-signal active load pull system, with only commercial solution capable of wideband impedance control up to 240 MHz for modulated signals, and highs-speed active load pull of 1000 impedance/power states per minute.  The demo will include wideband LTE active load pull, and high-frequency harmonic load pull up to 40 GHz.

Fully-active broadband load pull from 10 MHz to 67 GHz with a live demo at 20-40 MHz.  Traditional tuners would be over 6-10 feet long at these frequencies, so active load pull makes  a lot of sense for low frequencies.

Pulsed-CW pulsed-bias nonlinear VNA load pull with high speed gain compression capabilities.

Turnkey compact transistor model extraction system for III-V and LDMOS technologies using synchronized Pulsed IV/RF measurements and IVCAD measurement and modeling device characterization suite.  The only solution for measurement to model extraction to load pull validation and refinement.