Mobile operators worldwide can now deploy LTE, 5G and small cell networks faster with a new family of jumper cables equipped with next-generation connectors from Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist. Based on the 4.3-10 interface standard, the new addition to the RFS product portfolio leverages RFS innovations in Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and cable corrugation to deliver jumpers with the highest voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and PIM performance available in jumper cables with similar connectors.

“Our new jumper cables are another example of how RFS experience and expertise in cable engineering and production are applied to go beyond industry standards and deliver cabling solutions that provide the highest performance possible to customers,” said Gerhard Wunder, Product Manager, RFS. “RFS is one of very few end-to-end producers of all the ingredients that go into jumper cables. From jackets to connectors, we do it all. So we have complete control of all the variables that must be managed to extract the highest performance from the new 4.3-10 interface standard.”

The new RFS jumper cables based on the 4.3-10 standard are equipped with smaller connectors. The compact design reduces equipment footprint requirements and allows for a higher connector density. The connectors support up to 500 watts at 2 GHz and guarantee a stable, premium VSWR, as well as outstanding and consistent PIM performance. This provides mobile network operators with more flexibility in how they configure the hardware and cabling at base stations and towers, especially with multiband antennas. And the connectors don’t need a minimum coupling torque, so installation can be completed quickly without expensive tools.

RFS jumper cables are based on several decades of cable engineering innovation and manufacturing expertise. RFS invented the corrugation process, which has since become the industry standard for mobile network cables and RFS continues to extend the limits of cable performance with innovations that improve attenuation.

All RFS jumper cables are optimized to deliver the highest performance in deployed networks. For example, RFS CELLFLEX® Factory-Fit Jumper Cables feature an innovative soldered-on connector and are produced through a unique manufacturing process that is optimized to produce premium VSWR and PIM level performance.

The new RFS jumper cables fulfill the installation requirements for LTE and small cell deployments and are future-ready for 5G deployments. To simplify installation, the jumpers are available with either a male knurled coupling nut for hand screw installation or a male hexagonal coupling nut for torque wrench installation.