CTS Corp., through its subsidiary, CTS Electronic Components Inc. announces the addition of the smallest quartz crystal member, Model 416, to its family of frequency control products. The device is housed in a 1.6 x 1.2 mm ceramic 4-pad surface mount package that is hermetically sealed, providing excellent accuracy and long-term reliability. Its small form factor is the perfect fit for very tight space applications such as wearable electronics, microprocessors, Bluetooth, hand-held devices and other smaller end products.

Model 416 features common frequencies 24 MHz, 26 MHz, 27 MHz, 30 MHz, 32 MHz, 36 MHz, 40 MHz, 44 MHz, 48 MHz and 52 MHz with additional frequencies from 24 to 80 MHz available or under development. It maintains excellent standard stability of ±20ppm at operating temperatures of -40° to +85°C and even tighter stability ±10 ppm available at other temperature ranges. The product is fully RoHS 6/6 compliant. 

“CTS is dedicated to offering great quality and reliable products”, states Vice President & General Manager of CTS Electronic Components, Mario Saucedo. “Today Model 416 is meeting tomorrow's technology needs for exceptional performance and ultra- compact size.”

Production and samples of Model 416 are available now. For more information call +1-800-982-5737 (North America), +65-6481-1466 (Asia) or +1-508-435-6831 (all other regions), email frequencysales@ctscorp.com, contact a supporting CTS Sales Representative or one of CTS many distribution partners.