HDI Substrate MCMs
These multichip modules (MCM) are supplied on high density interconnect (HDI) substrates, which form an ideal carrier for the bare dies. Due to the precision features and good material properties of HDI substrates, standard processes such as high speed bonding and molding can be used for straightforward module assembly. MCMs on HDI substrates feature good electromagnetic compatibility properties and shorter line lengths, resulting in reduced emission of and exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Due to face-down mounting, the HDI substrate (on which bare dies are interconnected) acts as an integrated shield. Integration of an average of four to six ICs into one package also reduces production and logistics costs. The HDI substrate comprises up to four metal layers. Copper is used for the inner layers, Cu/Ni/Au alloy is used for the top metal bond layer and ceramic (Al2O3 99.6 or 96 percent) is used for the base layer.
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