Glass Composite Capacitors
The CY31 series glass composite capacitors offer tight capacitance tolerances within +/-0.25 pF, low loss characteristics of less than 0.1 percent, dielectric absorption of less than 0.01 percent and zero piezoelectric noise. The rated voltage is 25 V DC with a temperature coefficient of 0 +/-30 ppm/°C. The capacitors also exhibit a high insulation resistance of greater than 1 x 1011 W and a dissipation factor of less than 0.001. The operating temperature range is from –55° to +125°C. Price: $6 each (1000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks.
AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC
(803) 946-0414.

High Voltage Resistor
The model 31-1059 high voltage resistor is designed for use in UHF/VHF transmitter and RF sputtering applications. The unit’s 2.5 kV design offers improved breakdown voltage performance over standard RF resistors. Power handling is 250 W. Additional models are available up to 750 W and 4 kV. The resistor also is available flangeless or as a termination.
Florida RF Labs Inc.,
Stuart, FL
(800) 544-5594.

4.5 - 6 GHz Mixer
The model HMC218MS8 ultra-miniature, double-balance mixer operates from 4.5 to 6 GHz and is constructed of GaAs Schottky diodes with novel planar transformer baluns on the chip. Due to its high dynamic input signal range, small size, zero DC bias requirement and low cost, the unit is suitable for use in miniature base stations, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association RF transceivers and portable wireless applications. The consistent MMIC performance and plastic IC packaging are improvements over traditional hand-assembled hybrid mixers in larger drop-in packages. The MSOP8 package is the smallest footprint available for a complete passive double-balanced mixer, measuring 0.118" x 0.190". Delivery: stock.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Woburn, MA
(781) 933-7267.

V-band Waveguide Transfer Switch
The model 33C13700-2 V-band waveguide transfer switch is qualified for military space applications and features transfer, latching and indicator circuitry, and an operating voltage of 28 V DC. In addition, SWR is 1.2 (max), insertion loss is 0.3 dB (max) and isolation is 50 dB (min).
Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA
(805) 650-0260.

5.8 GHz ISM-band Ceramic Filter
This 5.8 GHz ceramic bandpass filter is designed for upper industrial, scientific and medical (ISM)-band applications, providing a 2 dBa passband insertion loss over a two percent bandwidth. Typical rejection is better than 25 dBc at 5.286 and 6.29 GHz. Surface-mount technology (SMT) configurations are available. The unit is reflowable, suitable for pick and place, and available with tape-and-reel packaging.
Integrated Microwave Corp.,
San Diego, CA
(619) 259-2600.

Surface-mount Variable Ceramic Capacitors
The models 27263, 47275 and 47283 ceramic capacitors (from the company’s Giga-Trim" series) are available in a surface-mount design for high power amplifiers. The units operate at high frequencies and are designed to reduce inductance without reducing the capacitance ranges, which are from 0.3 to 1.2 pF, 0.8 to 4.5 pF and 0.4 to 2.5 pF for the models 27263, 47275 and 47283, respectively. The dimensions vary from 0.118" x 0.370" to 0.075" x 0.225". The capacitors are available in a variety of mounting configurations to meet specific requirements. Delivery: stock to four weeks.
Boonton, NJ
(201) 334-2676.

PCS Surface-mount Phase Shifter
The model SQ-0003 surface-mount phase shifter provides 0° to 120° minimum phase shift over the 1930 to 1990 MHz frequency range, making it suitable for use in personal communications service (PCS) applications. The unit incorporates the company’s Surfpac design and features a switching speed of 10 ns, insertion loss of 3 dB (max) and SWR of 1.7 (max). In addition, phase flatness is +/-8° (max) and insertion loss change vs. phase shift is within +/-0.75 dB. The phase shifter features 0 to 10 V DC input control voltage with a corresponding output phase shift that is repeatable and consistent from unit to unit. Price: $45 (100). Delivery: stock to six weeks (max).
KDI/triangle Corp., an MCE company,
Whippany, NJ
(973) 887-8100, ext., 500.

Diplexed Cavity Filter
The model 16FZSP-2400/X2483-O/O diplexed cavity filter is equipped with SMA connectors and features center frequencies of 2417.5 and 2465.5 MHz with approximate 3 dB bandwidths of 38 MHz and SMA connectors. The unit features a low insertion loss of 1.6 dB and co-channel isolation of 50 dB. SWR is better than 1.5 in 90 percent of the passbands. Size: 4.25" x 3.25" x 1.40".
K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424.

2.4 and 5.8 GHz Cavity Diplexers
The models D8CF4-2417.5/2465.5-S cavity diplexer features 3 dB bandwidths of 35 MHz and an insertion loss of less than 1.5 dB at the center frequency. Co-channel isolation is greater than 50 dB and SWR is 1.5. In addition, the model D7CF4-5745/5810-S cavity diplexer has 3 dB bandwidths of 40 MHz and insertion loss of less than 2 dB at the center frequency. Co-channel isolation is greater than 50 dB and SWR is 1.5. Size: 4.0" x 3.0" x 1.5" (not including connectors).
Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD
(800) 780-2169.

2 - 2.3 GHz S-band Diplexer
The model 12811 S-band diplexer isolates 2 to 2.1 GHz transmit and 2 to 2.3 GHz receive frequencies to allow the simultaneous broadcast and reception of signals in telemetry transmissions. Any operating bandwidth of 40 MHz can be selected in each frequency band and offers less than 1 dB insertion loss with channel-to-channel isolation of greater than 50 dB. Impedance is 50 W and connectors are SMA female. The unit is designed for indoor use and handles 50 W of power.
Microwave Filter Co.,
East Syracuse, NY
(800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4747.

Notch Filter
The model N03915M1 notch filter features an insertion loss of less than 3 dB, insertion loss ripple of less than 0.8 dB and SWR of less than 1.5 each port over the DC to 890 MHz range. Rejection is 30 dBc (min) from 902 to 928 MHz. Size: 0.50" x 1.50" x 2.00" (excluding SMA female connectors).
Microwave Circuits Inc.,
Washington, DC
(800) 642-2587 or (202) 829-3030.

High Power Combiner and Low Power Divider
The model EG630-18 four-way, broadband high power combiner is designed to combine 4 to 250 W CW traveling-wave tubes (TWT) into a single, 1000 W EC output. The unit covers a double-octave band while filtering out higher order harmonics. The combiner also features an internal lowpass filter with a sharp rejection skirt and 60+ dB rejection, and two 50 dB couplers for monitoring forward and reverse power. This unit is fully qualified and withstands harsh airborne environments. Size: 6.5" x 5.8" x 1.0". The matching model EG630-21 low power divider is designed to avoid phasing complications, and features an amplitude balance of +/-0.6 dB and isolation of 15 dB (min). Size: 6.35" x 2.00" x 0.75".
Microwave Engineering Corp. (MEC),
North Andover, MA
(978) 685-2776

Ultra-thin LO Mixer
The model ADE-18W ultra-thin 1750 to 3500 MHz mixer allows engineers to design smaller wireless products or incorporate more features onto the same board space. The unit measures 0.105" high and features electrical performance that is superior to previous-generation mixers. The unit features 50 mW (max) of RF power and displays low midband conversion loss of 5.4 dB (typ). Midband third-order intercept point (IP3) is +11 dBm (typ). Rugged, all-welded connections and solder-plated leads provide increased reliability during reflow. The open-case construction allows water wash to drain thoroughly. Price: $3.95 each (10–49).
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500.

Low Frequency, High Power Directional Couplers
The models LCHP-0205 and LCHP-0510 low frequency, high power directional couplers offer accurate coupling, low insertion loss and high directivity in a compact package. The standard units are optimized for octave bandwidths and are available with a choice of coupling values. The units are designed to sample power with a negligible effect on the transmission line and low intermodulation products. The model LCHP-0205 operates from 250 to 500 MHz and features directivity of 25 dB (min), SWR of 1.5 and insertion loss of 0.15 dB (max). The model LCHP-0510 operates from 500 to 1000 MHz and features directivity of 25 dB, SWR of 1.15 and insertion loss of 0.20 dB (max). Both units offer power of 500 W (avg) (5 kW (peak)), impedance of 50 W and coupling of 20 or 30 dB (nom).
RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mt. Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334.

6 dB Directional Coupler
The model DCM 6090C 6 dB directional coupler operates over the 800 to 1000 MHz frequency range and features nominal coupling of 6 dB +/-0.5 dB, coupling variation of 0.7 dB, directivity of 18 dB (min) and SWR of 1.25 (max). In addition, insertion loss is 0.25 dB (max) and average power handling is 20 W. The unit is available with female SMA connectors and in 10 and 20 dB coupling values. Price: $49. Delivery: stock to six weeks (ARO).
Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc. (TRM),
Bedford, NH
(603) 627-6000.

ISM-band Diplexer
The model SL-5735/5809 5.8 GHz ISM-band diplexer offers passbands of +/-15 MHz with a loss of 2.8 dB (max). Isolation between receive and transmit is 115 dB. The unit is temperature compensated with a maximum frequency shift of +/-1.9 MHz from –40° to +70°C and power handling of 10 W. Size: 1.0" x 3.5" x 5.4".
Reactel Inc.,
Rockville, MD
(301) 279-5535.

Fixed Coaxial Attenuators and Terminations
The models 19 and 1454 fixed coaxial attenuators and terminations are designed for light- weight airborne and space applications. The units offer a nominal impedance of 50 W and operate from DC to 18 GHz (model 19) and DC to 26.5 GHz (model 1454) at a temperature range from –55° to +125°C. SMP male connectors per DESC specification 94007 mate nondestructively with SMP female connectors per DESC 94008 and Gilbert GPO™ series connectors. The units are constructed of an aluminum body with stainless-steel connectors and beryllium copper center conductors.
Weinschel Corp.,
Frederick, MD
(800) 638-2048 or (301) 831-4701.