The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has successfully installed its StarLab at Antenna Co.’s design centre in Eindhoven, Netherlands, which will provide the company with an in-house testing resource for the rapid measurement of antennas during the design, prototyping and final manufacturing phase.

Antenna Co. is developing the next generation of high-performance antennas for next-generation telematics, remote sensing, and wireless communications. StarLab is a cost-effective, small antenna and Over-The-Air (OTA) mobile device measurement system, which is suitable for any facility where space is limited. StarLab measurement capabilities include: gain, directivity, beamwidth, cross polar discrimination, sidelobe levels, 3D radiation pattern, radiation pattern in any polarization (linear or circular) and antenna efficiency

Dr. Diego Caratelli, chief technology officer at Antenna Co., explained why the company has invested in the innovative StarLab technology:  “For the Antenna Co. StarLab is a pivotal piece of equipment in the development of our products. Previously, out-sourcing our ‘SuperShape®’ antenna designs for testing was time consuming and expensive. Since the installation of the StarLab in our laboratory in early January, we are already witnessing great benefits. With StarLab we can achieve rapid and more accurate measurements, meaning that our customers receive a superior quality product in a shorter time frame. “

He added, “StarLab was the first choice for us and it is very much a game-changer for our business. It delivers time and cost savings, plus with StarLab we can deliver optimal antenna systems to our customers. These are the key benefits which give us a definite edge over our competitors.”