Flat-panel Antenna
The model SSGP04-23 flat-panel antenna operates at the 2.3 to 2.5 GHz spread spectrum/industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band, and measures 12" x 8" x 2", making the unit suitable for environmentally sensitive areas. The antenna is supplied with an adjustable mount. The mounting hardware allows for several mounting options while obtaining E- or H-plane polarizations. The antenna weighs 4 lb and terminates with a type N connector.
Gabriel Electronics Inc.,
Scarborough, ME
(207) 883-5161.

UHF Fiberglass Omnidirectional Antenna
The model FR450 UHF fiberglass omnidirectional antenna provides for transmission and reception of vertically polarized signals in the 450 to 470 MHz frequency band. The unit provides superior RF performance and coverage for UHF base station applications. The antenna's construction features a durable fiberglass radome to withstand harsh weather environments. The quality design of the integrated pigtail and N female connector provides good waterproofing for the connection between the antenna and transmission. The antenna features a 3 dBi gain with an E-plane of 40°. In addition, the unit's SWR is less than 1.5 (max) on 50 W impedance. The antenna measures 33.5" high and weighs 1.07 lb.
Cushcraft Corp.,
Manchester, NH
(603) 627-7877.

2.4 GHz ISM Antennas
The MPR-2400 series parabolic reflector antennas feature 20, 22 or 24 dBi gain for long-range point-to-point communications, and operate in the unlicensed 2400 to 2483.5 MHz frequency band. The units are constructed with spun aluminum reflectors and fully adjustable precision mounts, and are wind load rated for 110 MPH when covered with a half-inch of ice. The MYP series 2.4 GHz Yagi antennas also operate from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. These units feature 8.8 or 13.5 dBi gain and are suitable for use in shorter-range point-to-point or bridge applications. One-piece unit construction minimizes intermodulation. The radome's 120 MPH wind rating allows for placement indoors or in harsh outdoor climates.
Hanover Park, IL
(800) 323-9122 or (630) 372-6800.

PCS Flat Plate Array Antenna
The model 9729-800 PCS flat plate array antenna is lightweight, fully sealed and provided with mounting provisions on the rear surface. The unit operates from 2096 to 2298 MHz with left-hand circular polarization. Gain is 14.6 dBic (min), SWR is 1.5 (max) and axial ratio is less than 2 dB. Size: 11.50" x 0.75". Weight: 1 lb (max).
Seavey Engineering Associates Inc.,
Cohasset, MA
(781) 383-9722.