HS9000-seriesThe Holzworth HS9000 Series multi-channel platformis designed to achieve optimal channel-to-channel stability across all integrated channel synthesizers via a conductively cooled, fan-less enclosure. Specific attention is paid to phase coherency between the independently controllable channels.

The HS9000 Series is a unique platform allowing the user to specify custom configurations for a COTS product. Units are loaded with anywhere from 1 to 8 channels with the additional flexibility to specify each channel’s frequency limits and performance options.

The result is a high performance, multi-channel synthesizer that is tailored to an application with an optimal price point.

Fully Independent Channels

Each RF output is driven by a separate, internally loaded synthesizer module. Up to 81 independently unable synthesizers can be specified per 1U chassis allowing for the highest integrated channel density available in its class.  With an average power dissipation of 7 Watts per channel, the HS9000 series is highly efficient.

Phase Coherent Channels

Holzworth Multi-channel RF Synthesizers offer the benefits of a proprietary NON-PLL based synthesis architecture. Coupling the NON-PLL architecture with a centralized reference distribution subsystem enables a truly phase coherent relationship across all integrated channels.

The Ultimate in Channel-To-Channel Stability

Different from traditional PLL based synthesizers, Holzworth’s proprietary architecture creates precisely synthesized signals that exhibit both instantaneous and long term stability. Temperature variations between the channels remain the only contribution to drift. The thermally optimized, fan-less chassis was specifically developed for maintaining the lowest possible thermal gradients from channel-to-channel.

Holzworth multi-channel designs are integrated into precision applications that range from particle accelerator timing clocks to satellite position tracking. Due to the necessity for the ultimate in signal stability, Holzworth synthesizers also come standard with thermal monitor outputs to track the relative channel temperature of each loaded channel.