Freescale Semiconductor,  the global leader in radio frequency (RF) power transistors, introduced the industry’s highest power RF power transistors housed in plastic packaging. The new MRFE6VP61K25N delivers power in excess of 1250 W CW, and the new MRFE6VP6600N delivers power in excess of 600 W.

Freescale’s plastic packaging enables compatibility with mass volume soldering processes, enables tighter dimensional tolerances and provides a 30 percent reduction in thermal resistance compared to ceramic-packaged transistors.

This thermal resistance, combined with the new products’ high efficiency and gain, can help lower system costs through enhanced performance and reduced cooling materials. The new products are ideal power transistors for industrial and broadcast applications including CO2 lasers, plasma generation equipment, MRI amplifiers and particle accelerators, as well as FM and VHF broadcast transmitters.

“These new products continue Freescale’s long track record of delivering critical RF innovation for the industrial space,” said Paul Hart, senior vice president and general manager for Freescale’s RF business. “Providing the advantages of plastic packaging without compromising RF performance is a major leap forward that our customers can use to develop end-products that differentiate and win in competitive industrial markets.”

In addition to the ultra-high performance of these new devices, Freescale also offers a range of extremely rugged transistors designed to thrive in harsh industrial environments from 1 to 600 MHz. With today’s introductions, Freescale’ industrial portfolio now comprises five parts in ceramic and five parts in plastic, addressing power requirements ranging from 25 W to 1250 W.


The MRFE6VP61K25N is in now in production, and the MRFE6VP6600N is sampling, with production expected in April. For more product information please contact Freescale sales and approved distributors.

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