CDMA/PCS Library
This library allows engineers to design, simulate and test end-to-end CDMA or PCS communication systems and is used with the company’s SystemView software for Windows ’95/NT. The library supports rate sets 1 and 2 as defined in the IS-95-A, IS-97-A, IS-98-A and J-STD-008 specifications. Provisions have been made in the unit to include timing and phase offsets between the various channels. The library features all of the baseband models required to implement both the forward and reverse link. Individual models are provided for the various elements that comprise the channel such as the interleaver, frame quality indicator, Walsh codes, longcode and PN spreading codes. Additional models represent the entire channel such as the traffic, pilot, sync, paging, access, or reverse channel in one functional block. Price: starts at $1450.
Elanix Inc.,
Westlake Village, CA
(818) 597-1414.

Visual Programming Language
The HP VEE version 5.0 visual programming language is designed for test program development in manufacturing test, design characterization and verification, and data acquisition applications. The program utilizes Microsoft’s ActiveX controls and can control other ActiveX automation applications. Web-monitoring capabilities enable engineers to implement measurement systems that can be accessed and controlled remotely. The program includes a built-in Web server that allows users to monitor programs remotely using standard HTTP protocol. Price: starts at $1395.
Hewlett-Packard Co.,
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 452-4844, ext. 5778.

Message-processing Software
The pcEmulat series message-processing software program interfaces between a testing program and a prober control program. It provides a user interface facilitating some control features and normalizes messages intended for different types of emulated probers. This version supports the command set of three emulated probers: the Electroglas 2001 and 3001, and the Micromanipulator 8860. The program is designed to support test routines for probers that may no longer be available to perform these tests.
The Micromanipulator Co. Inc.,
Carson City, NV
(800) 967-2426 or (702) 882-7377.