Engineers often have specific requirements which may not be available in the standard range of products.  AtlanTecRF recognises this all too familiar problem by demonstrating how they are able to optimise, customise or design a specific solution depending on what the customer needs with the release of over 120 drawings across 19 component categories into an online Engineering Library on their website.

“Engineers can view unique products we have previously supplied.  Some are highly bespoke solutions”, explains Paul Grimmett, International Sales Manager at AtlanTecRF. “It’s an ideal way to give them an overview of what AtlanTecRF can do for them, besides the usual standard products that are often available from stock”.

Technical expertise is also just a phone call away as Paul Grimmett continues, “All AtlanTecRF’s Sales Engineers have a RF/Microwave background. We welcome any enquiries for unusual or technically challenging requirements.  We can tailor our products for specific applications and at the same time offer a commercially viable solution”.