API Technologies Corp., a leading provider of high performance RF/microwave, power and security solutions for high-reliability applications, has added the APPREG2 to its line of radiation-hardened (rad-hard) power management products. This new linear voltage regulator features an enable function that allows users to power up or power down certain sections of their system electronics, saving power and preserving the internal power chain. 

In addition to its distinctive enable function, the APPREG2 rad-hard, positive voltage regulator offers excellent temperature stability and a wide input/output voltage differential of 40V. These voltage regulators are offered in both adjustable and fixed output voltage configurations.

Alan Tasker, senior design engineer, RF/Microwave & Microelectronics, API Technologies said, “This addition to our product offering of radiation-hardened conversion products addresses a need for design engineers who desire both tight voltage regulation and added functionality, which is very common in space electronics where power is limited.”

This new product joins a larger series of space qualified, wide-input range positive linear voltage regulators designed for military and space flight applications. Assembled in a hermetic TO-257 package, each provides up to 1.5A of output current over their full input voltage range. The device also features internal thermal shutdown and output current-limiting circuitry. The APPREG2 series is an excellent choice for applications requiring radiation tolerance, low noise, and high power supply rejection ratios.

API’s complete line of rad-hard power management products includes linear voltage regulators with adjustable or fixed output voltages (positive and negative voltage options), highly efficient point-of-load (switching) regulators, as well as solid state relays (SSR) that include radiation-hardened single pole, double throw (SPDT) configurations.

There are more than 45 models of space-qualified power products offered by API Technologies. Ideal for use in military and space applications, the products feature radiation hardness assurance up to 300 kRad TID, hermetically sealed packaging, and operation over the full -55o to +125o C temperature range, which ensures superior power management and consistent performance.

The company’s radiation hardened power management products are designed and manufactured in API’s Marlborough, Massachusetts location, a MIL-PRF-38534 Class K facility.

Offering one of the smallest footprints in the space industry, the products are designed to deliver efficiency levels for optimum performance in the most compact packages available - as small as 0.375 square inches.

Webpage: http://micro.apitech.com/rad-hard-power-conversion-and-control-products