API Technologies Corp., a leading provider of high performance RF/microwave, power and security solutions for high-reliability applications, announced that it has received a follow-on order for $1.3 million to provide microwave modules for the latest generation radar. The customer program, anticipated to continue through 2025, is expected to add an additional $20 million in revenue. The product features the use of a proprietary Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit (GMIC) fabrication process, that offers shorter cycle time and affordability compared to traditional MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit)-based solutions.

GMIC is a medium-volume substrate process where passive components and wire bonds or airbridges are fabricated at wafer level. The resulting product is a circuit that combines the small footprint of a GaA-based MMIC (gallium arsenide monolithic microwave integrated circuit) with the high performance characteristics of hybrid MICs (microwave integrated circuits). Glass offers excellent thermal management capabilities, compared to alumina based products, which results in products offering peak performance even at extreme temperatures.

API Technologies has successfully leveraged the process in a variety of company-designed subsystems, modules, and across a variety of standalone products, including Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs), limiters, mixers, and detectors. Featured applications include flight instrumentation, airborne jammers, missile systems, and phased array radar.

“This follow-on order from a strategic customer gives testament to the competitive advantage our RF / microwave products deliver in terms of functionally, performance, and affordability,” said Bel Lazar, president and chief executive officer, API Technologies.

For more information, visit http://micro.apitech.com or call +44 (0) 1908 574324.