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The HL9404 broadband balun from HYPERLABS covers 5 MHz to 40 GHz and converts a single-ended input to differential outputs with tight amplitude and phase matching. Amplitude match is typically ±0.1 dB to 20 GHz and ±0.25 dB from 20 to 40 GHz. Phase match is specified at ±2 degrees at 10 GHz and ±4 degrees at 18 GHz.

A high-precision balun such as the HL9404 improves performance in high-speed ADCs, mixers, harmonic mixers, amplifiers, up/down converters and other systems. Exceptional amplitude and phase match ensure that second harmonic distortion is minimized at all frequencies.

The balun’s insertion loss is approximately 6 dB and input power handling is greater than 30 dBm. The input and outputs are matched to 50 ohms, withK connectorsused to interface with adjacent components. The size of the balun is 2.19" × 1.5" × 0.55" and it weighs 1.6 oz.

The HL9404 is priced lower than competitive solutions, according to HYPERLABS. It is available worldwide and lead times are usually less than a week.

The HL9404 is HYPERLABS’ third balun. Its sister products, the HL9402 broadband balun and the HL9403 SMT broadband balun, are both specified to 20 GHz. Since their 2012 release, these components have been adopted by instrument manufacturers, IC designers and research labs around the world.

HYPERLABS products are designed and manufactured at the company’s facility in Beaverton, Ore.

Beaverton, Ore.