As market demand for 4G/LTE devices utilizing advanced features such as carrier aggregation, A-GNSS and OTDOA/eCID location-based services ramps up, TEOCO's AIRCOM Device Test Lab stands ready to meet industry testing and certification needs

TEOCO, the leading provider of assurance, analytics and optimization solutions to communications service providers (CSPs), has expanded the testing capabilities of its AIRCOM Device Test Lab with additional test systems from Rohde & Schwarz. Combined with Rohde & Schwarz' extensive conformance and carrier test case support, the R&S TS-LBS Location Based Services (LBS) and the R&S CMW-PQA Performance Test Systems enable TEOCO to support new industry and carrier testing requirements for next-generation wireless technologies, including carrier aggregation, IMS, VoLTE, RCS, E911 over IMS, LTE A-GNSS, LTE OTDOA and LTE eCID.

Release 10 and beyond, also referred to as LTE-Advanced, allows for a substantial uplift in the capacity and throughput of LTE, in addition to mobile device performance improvements. In LTE-Advanced, carrier aggregation (CA) is a key feature that allows the combination of multiple carriers to increase bandwidth and ultimately data rates in the network. To meet this need, the R&S CMW-PQA test system performs automated testing of a device's downlink, uplink and bidirectional data performance with or without carrier aggregation under simulated network conditions.

LBS is already a key technology enabling a myriad of new applications that people depend on every day.  LTE and additional satellite constellations are being leveraged to improve availability and performance of location technologies indoors and outdoors. Higher customer expectations are driving the need for more advanced testing methodologies, and the R&S TS-LBS test system supports field-to-lab testing where real-world conditions are captured with high performance 16-bit resolution, and replayed in the lab for more accurate simulation.

"We are excited to expand our testing capability and capacity for LTE-Advanced and LBS-enabled devices," said Hemant Minocha, Executive Vice President at TEOCO. "And given the increase in test complexity and costs, we are pleased to be working with a partner such as Rohde & Schwarz whose expertise in conformance and carrier acceptance testing and breadth of test cases helps future-proof our investment while delivering the quality and results our customers have come to expect."