Remcom, provider of electromagnetic simulation software and solutions, announces public training in Santa Clara, Calif. on August 11-14, 2014. The course will include two-day product tracks on the most recent releases of XFdtd® and Wireless InSite®. Students may choose to attend one or both product tracks.

Santa Clara Product Tracks and Dates:

  • XFdtd Track: August 11-12
  • Wireless InSite Track: August 13-14 

Additional details and the registration form can be found on Remcom’s website via the training page. Remcom training enables new users to get up and running with the software quickly and experienced users to exploit the software more productively.

Focus areas include:

  • Most efficient ways to use the software
  • Coverage of new features and how they benefit workflow
  • Example problems and hands-on practice
  • Personalized consultations with Remcom engineers

The XFdtd product track focuses on Remcom’s general purpose, 3D electromagnetic simulation solver. New features in the latest release will be covered in addition to standard agenda items such as materials, parameters, CAD import, gridding and meshing, waveguide sources, SAR results, circuit components, scripting and more. Learn more by downloading the XF7 product track agenda.

The Wireless InSite track covers Remcom’s wireless EM propagation tool. Agenda topics include importing image data; transmitter and receiver sets; data visualization; UTD and FDTD propagation models; indoor, urban, and irregular terrain applications; and Wireless InSite Real Time. Download the Wireless InSite agenda for further details.