Remcom is pleased to announce several new features and enhanced capabilities in XFdtd, which will be previewed at IMS 2014 in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Visit our at booth 1105 to see new time-saving features coming soon in XF:
Project Optimized Gridding: Gives users greater control and speeds simulations because the grid is refined only around specific features.

MATLAB Export Functionality: Full post-processing of data in MATLAB or CSV formats.
Automated Workflow Options for MRI Analysis: MRI coil creation and analysis workflows are automated via scripting.

MicroApps Presentation: Indoor Propagation of WiFi Coverage Using Wireless InSite

Wednesday, June 4, at 11:05 AM

This presentation will demonstrate how the 3D ray tracing code in Wireless InSite can accurately predict received power coverage even in a multi-room environment containing many walls and different materials types. In order to verify the accuracy of the code, the floor plan of Remcom’s business offices was modeled in the software with a WiFi antenna, and a third party tool was used to create a coverage plot of the received power throughout several of the suites.

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