Remcom will soon be releasing a new version of XFdtd, with two new add-on modules: an Electrostatic Solver and an RF Circuit Optimizer.

  • Electrostatic Solver: Computes self- and mutual-capacitance matrices for any number of conductors in a model.
  • RF Circuit Optimizer: Optimizes L, C, and tunable component values for best system efficiency over multiple antennas and any number of frequency bands.
Stay tuned for more information on these new modules in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stop by Booth 1722 if you are attending IMS for a demonstration.
IMS MicroApps Presentation:
"Simulation Speeds for a 25 GHz Automotive Radar Sensor Using Modern GPU Technology"
Thursday, May 21, at 9:50 a.m.
XFdtd efficiently models fully-detailed RF boards and sensors behind fascia, making it possible to identify the root cause of parasitic coupling or quantify the effects of fascia on a sensor’s performance. This presentation will look at advancements in GPU technology that have enabled this analysis by drastically decreasing simulation times, using a 25 GHz automotive radar model as an example.