Electromagnetic Analysis System Software
The model EMAS V4.0 electromagnetic analysis system software predicts coupled electromechanical performance of various electrical apparatus, resulting in greater design insight and reduced development cycles. The software couples the accuracy of electromagnetic, structural and thermal finite element analysis to account for the effects of nonlinear electromagnetic fields, structural deformation, stress and temperature. The system is available on workstations running HPUX V10.10 or higher and may be configured in either stand-alone or client/server installations. Price: $50,000 for the fully configured version.
Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (414) 357-8723.

Iron Powder Inductor Software
Toroid iron powder inductor software version 2.1 offers easy mouse or arrow key-driven menus that allow quick scrolling through the core size, mix and wire gauge menus while all calculations and display features update automatically to preselected inductance values. The software also allows users to change inductance with the mouse, making the keyboard obsolete. The program is DOS or Windows compatible. The software calculates number of turns; self-resonate frequency; mean core length; and core and wire, weights and values. Color codes, iron composition, permeability, temperature coefficients and wire diameters are displayed. Price: $149.95 (single site license); $59.95 (each additional copy).
B&E Engineering,
Columbia, MD (410) 381-2286.

Waveguide Diplexer/Filter Design and Analysis Software
The EHDPLXR series Windows ’95/NT-based E- and H-plane waveguide diplexer/filter design and analysis software uses rigorous electromagnetic modeling. The software can design and analyze 16 different diplexer and filter configurations that include E-plane filters with and without substrate of any thickness, as well as iris, septum, double-septum, round rod and double-round rod filters. The program runs on a Pentium machine with a minimum of 16 MB of random access memory.
Polar Waves Consulting,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada (306) 934 6688.