New Literature

PCB Design Brochure
This PCB design brochure describes the Electronics Packaging Designer (EPD) version 4.1 software, which automates all aspects of microwave, RF, power supply, analog, IC test and digital PCB design. Screen shots are provided.
CAD Design Software, a division of CAD Design Services Inc.,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 748-0124.

Crystal and Oscillator Catalog
This 20-page catalog outlines crystals, including microprocessor and communication versions; and oscillators, including TTL and dual versions. Outline drawings are provided.
Cal Crystal Lab Inc. and Comclok Inc.,
Anaheim, CA (800) 333-9825 or (714) 991-1580.

GaAs MMIC Amplifier Data Sheet
This two-page data sheet details the company’s model AHB110C chip and model AHB110C-70C ceramic package cascadable heterojunction bipolar transistor GaAs MMIC amplifiers for use in commercial amplifier applications. Specifications and dimensions are included.
FEI Communications Inc.,
Mitchel Field, NY (516) 794-4500.

Integrated Microwave Assembly Brochure
This brochure describes integrated microwave assemblies for use in both military and commercial applications at frequencies up to 40 GHz. Capabilities for the custom design of complex assemblies are included.
General Microwave Corp.,
Amityville, NY (516) 226-8900.

Graphical Programming Book
This 672-page textbook (LabVIEW Graphical Programming) includes more than 100 pages detailing how to use the LabVIEW software, and industry-standard PCs and workstations to develop automated instrumentation systems for engineering and scientific applications. Programming techniques for developing applications, and tips on system configuration are included. A multiplatform CD is provided that contains 35 MB of utilities, examples and reference materials.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX (800) 258-7022 or (512) 794-0100.

Surface-mount Product Catalog
This catalog features surface-mount products, including high intercept point mixers, power dividers, couplers, bias tees and modulators/demodulators. Performance plots covering the personal communications service, cellular and local area network wireless bands are included.
Pulsar Microwave Corp.,
Clifton, NJ (973) 779-6262.

Specialty Polymer Composite Material and Component Brochure
This brochure describes high performance elastomer materials and components for use in office equipment; circuit materials for use in high frequency and computer applications; moldable composite material for use in automotive and electrical applications; and power distribution products for use in computer and communications equipment.
Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605.

Frequency Control Product Brochure
This eight-page brochure profiles quartz crystals; and voltage-controlled crystal, temperature-compensated crystal and temperature-compensated voltage-controlled crystal oscillators. Specifications and outline drawings are provided.
Palo Alto, CA (800) 227-8974 or (650) 856-6900.

Viscoelastic Material Brochure
This brochure details manufacturing, engineering and custom molding information on the company’s viscoelastic material line. Static and dynamic properties are detailed. Product photographs and line drawings are included.
Sorbothane Inc.,
Kent, OH (330) 678-9444.

SAW Filter Catalog
This 10-page catalog details surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, including narrow- and wideband versions. Part number lists and specifications are included.
Toko America Inc.,
Mount Prospect, IL (847) 297-0070.

Product Catalog
This 336-page catalog features capacitors, magnetics, audio assemblies and interconnect products, and the company’s audio/multimedia design and turnkey manufacturing capabilities. Product photographs and application guides are provided.
Tecate Industries Inc.,
El Cajon, CA (619) 448-4811.

Microwave Coaxial Assembly Catalog
This 92-page catalog details connectors (SMA, TNC, TNCA, type N, precision N, GPO and GPPO), cable options and custom-built assemblies. Outline drawings are included.
W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Newark, DE (800) 356-4622.

VCO Data Sheet
This data sheet details the company’s 180S series surface-mount VCOs for use in commercial and military applications. Features including low phase noise and hyperabrupt varactors for linear tuning over wide bandwidths are described. Specifications are included.
EMF Systems Inc.,
State College, PA (814) 237-5738.

DDS Evaluation System User’s Guide
This 24-page user’s guide details the model Q0340-2 direct digital synthesizer (DDS) evaluation system and includes appendices with schematics, layouts and complete parts lists. Design hints are provided.
San Diego, CA (619) 658-5005.

Open-carrier Mixer and Doubler Cata log
This 38-page catalog describes several of the company’s open-carrier mixers and doublers designed for use in microwave telecommunications applications. Product photographs, outline drawings and specifications are included.
Stellex Microwave Systems (formerly Watkins-Johnson Co.), |
Palo Alto, CA (800) 321-8075.

Access Network Brochure
This brochure illustrates problems encountered during installation and maintenance of digital exchanges and circuits; local area, fiber-optic and integrated services digital networks; Global System for Mobile communications; and asynchronous transfer mode links.
Wandel & Goltermann GmbH & Co.,
Eningen, Germany +49 7121 86-1616.

Cable Television Selection Guide
This 32-page selection guide provides information on cable television test equipment, including the company’s signal level and leakage meters, and the Stealth sweep system. New products and product enhancements are described.
Wavetek Corp., CATV Division,
Indianapolis, IN (800) 622-5515 or (317) 788-9351.