Design Automation Software
Version 13 of the company's Windows-based electronic design automation software is designed for use in developing analog, digital and mixed PCBs. The software provides integrated schematic capture, PCB layout, and high performance autorouting and autoplace applications. Program and tutorial files, and context-sensitive on-line product documentation are included on a CD. Users can access on-line documentation contents quickly assisted by strategically placed hyper-link text and powerful search functions.
ACCEL Technologies Inc.,
San Diego, CA (619) 554-1000.

Electromagnetic Field Simulator
The Maxwell Strata® version 1.1 series software provides electromagnetic analysis of MMICs with greater speed, functionality and reliability. The full-wave software computes coupling and fields for passive, three-dimensional structures on or within planar multilayered dielectric substrates. New features include thick-trace adaptive fast frequency sweep, thin-film resistors, traveling-wave solutions in postprocessor, iterative solver for thick traces, and Sonnet EM™ to Maxwell Strata translator. Price: $29,900.
Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (714) 526-1669.