Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British electronic-scanning (e-scan) radar and sensor solution provider, has appointed Liteye Systems, Inc., a provider of thermal imaging systems, as a distributor in North America.

The move is designed to strengthen Blighter’s foothold in the region and bolster sales into commercial airports and the homeland security market. Liteye has already sold combined Blighter radar and Aquila PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) thermal imaging surveillance systems into a number of strategic sites in North America, including Centennial Airport in Colorado.

Under the terms of the agreement, Liteye will act as a sales, support and service centre for the complete range of Blighter ground surveillance radars including the new Blighter Revolution 360 radar, the long-range Blighter B400 series radars, the vehicle-mobile Blighter B303 radars and the man-portable Blighter B202 Mk 2 radars. The agreement will also include local manufacture and assembly of radars.

Mark Radford, CEO of Blighter Surveillance Systems, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Liteye Systems in North America to meet the growing demand for integrated e-scan radar and thermal camera solutions. We believe the combination of our low cost Blighter e-scan ground surveillance radar with Liteye’s rugged, low profile, three camera system is a compelling solution for many security applications, in particular for commercial airports and the homeland security market.”

Blighter radars combine patented solid-state Passive Electronic Scanning Array (PESA) technology with advanced Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) and Doppler processing to provide a maintenance free 24-hour all-weather surveillance capability.

Tom Scott, president of Liteye Systems, said: “We are excited to be representing and supporting Blighter Surveillance Systems in North America. Blighter’s the only e-scan radar to offer coactive FMCW Doppler fast-scan capability, and this gives it the edge over other e-scan radars in heavily cluttered environments such as those found in commercial airports.”

Blighter Surveillance Systems radars are utilized worldwide in commercial, government and defence markets in area and asset protection for national border security, homeland security, critical infrastructure protection such as airports, coastal surveillance, and in military applications.