Around the Circuit


Microwave multifunction module (MFM) manufacturer REMEC Inc. and microwave component and MFM provider Q-bit Corp. have signed a letter of intent to merge for common stock. The agreement is subject to satisfaction of customary conditions. In related news, REMEC has completed the sale of RF Microsystems (RFM) to Advanced Communication Systems Inc. for $5 M in cash. Reportedly, RFM's engineering services capability is outside REMEC's business focus.

Micron Communications Inc. , Boise, ID, has signed an agreement to acquire RF identification (RFID) companies ID Technologies Inc. and ID Microsystems Inc. of Boulder, CO. The transaction, which was expected to close in September, is part of Micron Communications' strategy to offer the widest range available of RFID and remote intelligent communications products.

TSMD Acquisition Corp. , an affiliate of Mentmore Holdings Corp. , has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Watkins-Johnson Co. 's Palo Alto, CA-based defense electronics, and microwave components and subsystems business for $103 M. Under the terms of the agreement, Watkins-Johnson will divest its guided-missile subsystems, yttrium iron garnet-tuned devices and military components business. The company will retain its Palo Alto-based GaAs IC and thin-film foundry as well as its commercial subassemblies and components products for telecommunications infrastructure applications. Watkins-Johnson also will maintain its Gaithersburg, MD-based communications intelligence business, making it part of the Wireless Communications business segment.

Microwave and electronic system and component supplier General Microwave Corp. , Amityville NY, has entered into an agreement to sell the assets of its MATH Associates Inc. fiber-optic division to Communications Specialties Inc. , Hauppauge, NY. The sale was expected to close in early October.

Condor Systems Inc. , San Jose, CA, has signed an agreement to purchase Whittaker Electronics System , the defense electronics unit of Whittaker Corp. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed. Whittaker will report to Condor Systems' corporate headquarters as the Whittaker Electronics Systems Division and will remain located in Simi Valley, CA.

Raytheon Co. , Lexington, MA, has completed the sale of segments of the Raytheon Appliance Group to Goodman Manufacturing Company LP of Houston, TX. Raytheon expects to realize a total value of $750 M from Appliance Group transactions.

Anritsu Corp. has announce a new globalization strategy intended to result in enhanced product development, responsive customer service and distribution of the company's entire product line worldwide. In North America, operations will be incorporated under the name Anristu Co. with separate entities for R&D, manufacturing and sales. Emphasis will be placed on developing new products in Morgan Hill, CA and Richardson, TX to meet customer demands in Canada, the US and Mexico. R&D, manufacturing and divisional marketing will be conducted by the North American Measurement Group , which comprises three divisions: the Microwave Measurements Division , the Telecommunications Division and the Anritsu Manufacturing Division .

American Microsystems Inc. , Pocatello, ID, has completed its Fab 10, class 1 eight-inch wafer fabrication facility developed for deep submicron processing.

Texas Instruments has unveiled its new $150 M R&D building named in honor of Jack S. Kilby, the inventor of the IC. The Kilby Center is located at the company's headquarters in Dallas, and reportedly is the world's most advanced research center for silicon manufacturing.

Due to a rapid growth in sales, microwave and mm-wave communication product manufacturer ARCOM Inc. has expanded its operations and relocated to a new 12,000-square-foot facility. The company's new address is 8B Industrial Way, Salem, NH 03079 (603) 890-6869, fax (603) 890-2424 or e-mail:

CTS Corp.'s Interconnect Systems business, Glasgow, Scotland, has announced plans to open an assembly and distribution plant in the US to address the back panel and box-build assembly needs of the company's North American customers. The new facility will be located in southern New Hampshire and will fulfill sales, application and design engineering, quality, assembly, electrical test, materials/handling and shipping functions. The plant is expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of this year.

3M has established the Electronic Handling and Protection Division to focus on specific segments of the electronics market, and provide improved efficiency and one-stop shopping for electronic handling and protection requirements. Vic Jones has been named GM of the new division, which is located in Austin, TX.

High performance analog IC manufacturer Linear Technology Corp. , Milpitas, CA, has moved into a new design technology center in Colorado Springs, CO. The company also has design centers located in Boston and Singapore, and recently completed the first phase of a $100 M wafer fabrication facility in Camas, WA.

Spinnaker Microwave Inc. has marked its fifth anniversary with a move into a new, larger facility located at 3281 Kifer Rd., Santa Clara, CA 95051 (408) 732-9828, fax (408) 732-9793 or e-mail:

Marconi Instruments Inc. has completed its move to larger, 15,758-square-foot headquarters located at 13600 Heritage Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76166 (817) 224-9200, fax (817) 224-9201. The new facility will handle service, repairs, calibration and shipping from one location.

Actel Corp. , Sunnyvale, CA, has opened its newest direct factory office in Philadelphia to support customers in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Baltimore. Field assistant engineers working out of the office will provide technical design assistance in addition to support already available from an established network of representatives and distributors on the East Coast. Hans Schmitz, field applications engineer, has been named by Actel to head the office.

TRW Inc. has signed an agreement with a consortium of US semiconductor manufacturers to begin joint development of a laser-based light source that will allow chip makers to continue increasing the speed of advanced microcircuits for the next 10 to 15 years. The agreement calls for the development, integration and testing of a light source that will permit future chip lithography equipment to project and print IC features less than 0.1 mm, a factor-of-two improvement over the most advanced optical lithography techniques. The first laser is scheduled to be delivered in January 1999.

A research team from Systems & Processes Engineering Corp. (SPEC) , Austin, TX, has demonstrated 20 GHz analog bandwidth through a 0.3 km fiber-optic cable using vertical cavity surface emitting laser technology (VCSEL). This achievement proves the feasibility of using VCSEL devices (that are smaller than a grain of salt) as transmitters in wide-bandwidth microwave fiber-optic applications. SPEC's first application of the demonstrated technology will involve enhancing an existing electromagnetic compatibility/interference test and instrumentation system for the Naval Air Warfare Center at Patuxent River, MD.

Superconducting Core Technologies Inc. (SCT) , in cooperation with its global partner Raychem Corp. , has introduced a significant upgrade to the REACH™ receiver front-end system as well as an expanded product line. Product upgrades include a digital REMOTE™ monitoring and alarming subsystem, an optional modem for off-site monitoring and diagnostics, and improved bypass circuitry. These changes are designed to offer increased functionality, improved reliability and greater flexibility for wireless service providers using the REACH system.

Sanders , a Lockheed Martin company, has demonstrated a variant of its personal communications service (PCS)-over-cable system for Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) networks, which offers GSM providers new options for their wireless network buildout. The GSM system employs the cable television hybrid-fiber-coax infrastructure as an alternative to the traditional tower-based macrocell architecture. In related news, the company also has successfully completed field testing of its new PCS-over-fiber system, which is currently available for service providers building out PCS wireless networks. The system was developed as an extension of the company's successful PCS-over-cable system and uses existing fiber-optic cable networks for transporting PCS signals from distributed antennas to a telephone network.

KDI/triangle Corp. , an MCE company , has added Richardson Electronics Ltd . as its exclusive distributor, supplementing the company's representative network already in place. Under the terms of the agreement, Richardson will stock KDI products for overnight shipment and KDI has developed a custom selection guide of the components available through Richardson.

RF connector and adapter manufacturer Coaxial Components Corp., Stuart, FL, has announced an update to its Web site, which now features more complete product information, a cross reference to other suppliers, the company's short-form catalog, a catalog request area, and representatives and stocking distributors lists. The site can be accessed at

Noise Com Inc. , Paramus, NJ, has become a full member company of the Code-division Multiple Access (CDMA) Development Group (CDG), a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the worldwide development and implementation of CDMA technology. As a member of CDG, Noise Com will actively participate in steering committee meetings and the worldwide standards group to promote the development of a universal family of standards and products based on IS-95 technology.

The re-certification of RLC Electronics Inc. , Hauppauge, NY, to the ISO 9001 quality system standard has been approved. In related news, the company now has a clean room certified to Fed. Std. 1000.

Raltron Electronics Corp. , Miami, FL, has achieved certification under ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

Kyocera America Inc. has been certified to ISO 14001, a new internationally accepted standard for environmental management. Less than 50 US companies have achieved this certification since the standard was established in October 1996 by the International Organization for Standardization and the Strategic Advisory Group on Environment.

A miniature amplifier/transmitter developed by Northrop Grumman Corp. that reportedly could save the satellite industry millions of dollars per launch has been named winner of a 1997 R&D 100 award by R&D magazine. The C-band microwave power module soon will enter production for communications and other electronic systems that require high power output combined with low power usage and weight.

Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc. commemorated its 25th anniversary recently with a celebration ceremony at the company's Westbury, NY headquarters. The company manufactures trimmer capacitors and specialty inductors, as well as a line of microwave tuning elements.


REMEC Inc. reports sales of $35 M for the second quarter, ended August 1, compared to $26.6 M for the second quarter last year. Net income was $2.6 M (13¢/share) compared to $1.4 M (9¢/share) for the second quarter last year.

Vari-L Company Inc. reports sales of $4 M for the second quarter, ended June 30, compared to $2.6 M for the second quarter last year. Net income was $400.3 K (10¢/share, primary; 9¢/share, fully diluted), compared to $203.5 K (5¢/share, primary and fully diluted) for the same period last year.

VertiCom Inc. , Santa Rosa, CA, has finalized a $12 M private placement of series B preferred stock. The funding is intended to provide for the expansion of new product development and manufacturing targeted specifically at the spectrally efficient point-to-point radio market.


Taconic's Architectural Fabrics division has received an order valued at more than $50 M for polytetrafluoroethylene-coated glass fabric, which will be used in a new architectural application in the Middle East. The order is expected to ship within the next 26 months. As a result of this order and continued development in other core business areas, the company is aggressively expanding its capacity, capabilities and facilities, including adding approximately 75 new employees to its Petersburgh, NY, Mullinger, Ireland, and Doussard, France facilities. This number is in addition to the 50 employees already hired within the past year.

Raytheon Electronic Systems has been awarded a competitive $44 M contract by the US Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) to develop, manufacture, install and provide logistics support for the multiplex integration and defense communications satellite system automation systems for the global network of 88 defense satellite communication system nodes. Raytheon, along with team members COMSAT-RSI and DNE Technologies, will supply systems that integrate equipment offering compact, low cost, modular multiplexers and cryptographic modules, matrix switching and asynchronous transfer-mode processing baseband communications equipment. The company also has been awarded a $10 M contract from CECOM for low rate initial manufacturing of compact, low cost, programmable virtual machine environment INFOSEC modules in support of tactical mobile, transportable secure communications capabilities.

Microwave Power Devices Inc. , Hauppauge, NY, has been awarded a $12 M foreign military contract for amplifiers to be used in a defense application. The contract commences immediately with shipments scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 1999.

EIP Microwave Inc. has received a five-year, indefinite-quantity, fixed-price supply subcontract from ManTech Systems Engineering Corp. for RF synthesized signal generators and downconverters designed for use in the US Marine Corp.'s third-echelon test set (TETS), a mobile electronic test suite. Testing of the TETS system and its EIP components is expected to be completed in mid-1998, and production quantities of the signal generators and downconverters could begin during the fourth fiscal quarter, ending September 1998. The total value of the contract could range from approximately $3.5 to $20 M if all quantity options are exercised.

Stanford Telecommunications Inc. has been awarded a contract from Rohde & Schwarz for 1000 model STEL-9258 very small aperture terminal variable-rate demodulator assemblies. The devices are user programmable from 19.2 to 1024 kbps binary phase-shift keying or 64 to 2048 kbps quadrature phase-shift keying, and will be used in radio paging equipment for the digital European radio message system. Deliveries are scheduled over the next 12 months.

Interstate Electronics Corp.'s contract with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to provide bandwidth-on-demand satellite communications service interconnecting six sites in the former Republic of Yugoslavia has been extended through June 1998. Services being provided under the Joint Guard Program include telephone, video teleconferencing and wideband data for operations and logistics coordination among the various elements of the NATO stabilizing forces. The network's geographically dispersed sites also enable communication with NATO headquarters in Brussels and other commands throughout Europe.

Karl Suss America Inc. has been awarded a contract from White Oak Semiconductor, a joint venture of Siemens Semiconductor Group and Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, for model PA200 semiautomatic probe systems. The systems will be used in process development, yield enhancement and wafer-level reliability. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Global Positioning System and wireless antenna and amplifier manufacturer Micro Pulse Inc. has received a contract for an undisclosed amount for its phaser technology to be used in the Federal Aviation Administration's wide area augmentation system antenna.

Superconducting Core Technologies Inc. (SCT) and global partner Raychem Corp. have sold 10 REACH receiver front-end systems to a European-based GSM cellular service provider. According to SCT, this REACH system order further establishes the commercial value and viability of cryoelectronic superconducting products in the global wireless marketplace. The value of the award was not disclosed.

Honeywell has awarded electronic connector developer Nanonics Corp. a contract to provide helmet- and soldier-borne electronic cable systems for the Land Warrior modular, integrated fighting system for dismounted soldiers. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

NEC America Inc. , Irving, TX, has been awarded a contract for an undisclosed amount to provide its 2000 series microwave radios to Northern Border Pipeline Co. for use along Northern Border's 822-mile-long pipeline stretching from Nebraska to the Canadian border. The radios are intended to upgrade the existing analog microwave system by providing high capacity synchronous digital transmission.


Thomas A. George , CFO of REMEC Inc., has announced his resignation to accept another position. Michael McDonald , who joined the company as part of the Magnum merger in August 1996, will become acting CFO effective immediately. McDonald was CFO for Magnum prior to the merger and currently is the senior financial executive for REMEC's Magnum, Radian and C&S Hybrid activities in northern California.

David M. Pozar , professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, has joined the Sage Laboratories Inc. board of directors.

Superconducting Core Technologies Inc. (SCT) has promoted Steve Nurnberg to president and Michael Cromar to VP, engineering. Most recently, Nurnberg was VP, sales and marketing, and Cromar was director of research and development.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp. has made two new personnel appointments, including Don Colletta as VP, sales and marketing and Adolf Cheung as director of engineering. Prior to joining the company, Colletta was VP, marketing at Jay-El/DMT and Cheung was VP, engineering at Jay-El/DMT.

Lasertron has made two new personnel appointments, including Paul Flanagan as VP, finance and Carl Bloch as VP, engineering. Previously, Flanagan was VP, finance and administration at Vitol Gas & Electric, and Bloch was group engineering manager for Digital Equipment Corp.'s Printing Systems Business.

Watkins-Johnson Co. has promoted William R. Uhlemann to VP, purchasing and materials within the company's Semiconductor Equipment Group. Previously, Uhlemann was director of purchasing and materials. In addition, the company has promoted John G. Galli to VP, GaAs and thin-film operations, and R.E. "Skip" Hoover to VP, sales of the Microwave Products Group. Galli has held a number of engineering and management positions since joining Watkins-Johnson in 1990; Hoover rejoined the company in 1992 as a field sales manager and was promoted to manager of commercial sales in 1995.

Jay-El/DMT has appointed Tony Shadbolt VP, marketing and sales for the company's domestic and international markets. Most recently, Shadbolt was international VP, marketing and sales for RF/microwave products at Jay-El/DMT.

Greg Betts has been promoted to VP, marketing at Merix Corp. Betts joined the company in 1996 as director of marketing.

The Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering, Department of Defense has appointed Robert J. Trew director for research. Previously, Trew was a part-time program manager in the Electronics Division of the US Army Research Office, and was a professor of engineering and chair of the department of electrical engineering and applied physics at Case Western Reserve University.

Anritsu Co. has appointed Eric Liu director of instruments R&D and Carolyn Rusch director of systems R&D in the company's Microwave Measurements Division. Previously, Liu was engineering manager in the Component Lab and Rusch was manager of the Vector Network Analyzer Section and Specials/Sys-tems department.

Keith Cooper has been named to the newly created position of North American Business Unit manager, flip-chip bonders, at Karl Suss America Inc. Cooper has held several positions with the company, including product management roles for mask aligners and x-ray steppers.

John L. "Jack" Daniels has been named Asia business manager at Rogers Corp. Prior to joining the company last year, Daniels was GM of Asian operations at Taconic.

Sal Bucacci has been named eastern area sales manager at BI Technologies. He replaces and now reports to Tom Gavula who was appointed director of sales for the Americas. Most recently, Bucacci was an area sales manager at Aerovox.

Microwave Technology Inc. has named Stephen Erickson VP, sales and marketing and Joseph Bruno director, semiconductor manufacturing. Previously, Erickson was executive VP at Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor Inc. and Bruno held GaAs operations management positions with RF Micro Devices and Avantek.

Manfred Huschka has been named director of sales, Europe at Taconic International Ltd. in Ireland. Previously, Huschka was director of technology at AlliedSignal Laminate Systems GmbH in Germany.

RLC Electronics Inc. has appointed Dan Duris sales manager covering the West Coast. Previously, Duris was with Loral Narda.

Chesapeake Microwave Technologies Inc. has appointed Jason Terosky to head its Advanced Development Group. Formerly, Terosky was with Kaman Science.


Renaissance Electronics Corp., Boxborough, MA, has appointed Vincent Pirro Industries to represent its products in Virginia; Delaware; Maryland; Washington, DC; and North Carolina.


Epitaxial Technologies LLC is a new company formed to manufacture epitaxial wafer products as well as provide consulting services in the application of these products. The company operates out of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Technology Enterprise Center from which it licenses its facilities as an incubator company. The address is UMBC Technology Center, 1450 South Rolling Rd., Baltimore, MD 21227 (410) 455-5594, fax (410) 455-5595 or e-mail:

Westaim Corp. has created ThermicEdge Corp. , a separate company to pursue the commercialization of Westaim's electronic materials technologies and businesses. According to Michael McKibbin, president and CEO of ThermicEdge, the company will start out as a debt-free public company with $15 M in cash, proven technologies and established customer applications. The facility is located at 10102 114 St., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 3W4 (403) 992-5358, fax (403) 992-5030.


Microwave Devices Inc. , Franklin, IN, has launched a new Web site highlighting its entire line of RF and microwave components. Full technical information is provided for each product family as well as for newly released models. The site also includes information about the company and a complete listing of sales representatives. The site can be accessed at

RLC Electronics Inc. , Mount Kisco, NY, has announced a new Web site that offers descriptions of its line of products, including MIL-S-3928-qualified switches, filters, diplexers, power dividers/combiners, attenuators and terminations, bias tees and crystal detectors. The site address is