Bias tuned Gunn OscillatorsCernex CBG series bias tuned Gunn oscillators are offered to cover the frequency range of 10 to 140 GHz in ten waveguide bands. These oscillators utilize either GaAs or InP high performance Gunn diodes and combine various cavity configurations and rich design experience to deliver moderate output power at high microwave and millimeter-wave frequency spectrum directly.

The oscillators are especially designed for low AM/FM noise and low harmonic emission. Compared to its counterpart, Varactor tuned Gunn oscillator (SOV series), the advantages of the bias tuning Gunn oscillator are higher output power, better linearity and lower cost. The performance of the oscillator can be further enhanced by adding optional integrated isolator, Gunn oscillator modulator/regulator and temperature heater.

While the standard interface of the oscillators is waveguide, coaxial interface is available as custom designed models.


  • Frequency coverage: 10 to 140 GHz
  • Bias Tuning up to 2MHz tuning rate
  • Low AM/FM noise and harmonics
  • High frequency stability
  • Temperature range: 0 to 50 °C


  • Test sources
  • Signal generations
  • Radar systems