Broadband High Power Amplifiers: CBP Series

2H8BACCernex's CBP series amplifiers are designed for use in a wide range of general purpose applications such as laboratory test equipment, instrumentation and other applications requiring high power output. Reliable operation is achieved using rugged stripline circuit construction with selected GaAs FET devices. Coverage from 0.1 to 46 GHz (Octave/Multi-octave) and up to 50 W output power at 1 dB compression point.

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CBF Series Bandpass Filter

Band Pass Filters (Waveguide & Coaxial)Cernex's CBF series bandpass filter is primarily used for narrowband applications. Passbands are typically from 1 to 4%. The CBF series bandpass filter can be designed from 3 to 170 GHz up to 30% bandwidths in 16 waveguide bands. Insertion losses are typically 0.8 to 2.0 dB depending upon rejection levels.

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Bias Tuned Gunn Oscillators

Bias tuned Gunn OscillatorsCernex CBG series bias tuned Gunn oscillators are offered to cover the frequency range of 10 to 140 GHz in ten waveguide bands. These oscillators utilize either GaAs or InP high performance Gunn diodes and combine various cavity configurations and rich design experience to deliver moderate output power directly at high microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.

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