Molex Inc. will showcase its deep technical expertise and extensive product portfolio at DesignCon 2014, January 29 – 30, Santa Clara, CA, booth 117.  Company experts will conduct technical paper presentations and product demonstrations to illustrate how Molex solutions meet the demand for increased network bandwidth and advanced technology. The company will also have on display a vast representation of its products that support a wide-range of data rates in a variety of connector sizes and shapes. These products provide design engineers with the ultimate in flexible, scalable solutions that deliver speed and reliability for next-generation system architectures. 

Technical Paper Presentations

Molex will conduct two 40-minute sessions that highlight the company’s technical and application expertise:

  • Thursday, January 30, 10:15 a.m. – 10:55 a.m. Ballroom J: Molex experts Patrick Casher, signal integrity engineering manager and Michael Rowlands, senior electrical engineer, will present “Quantitative EMI Analysis of Electrical Connectors Using Simulation Modules.”  The discussion will focus on a method of using 3D full wave field solver data to quickly analyze radiated energy across a range of frequencies to help detect EMI problems more accurately and efficiently.
  • Friday, January 31, 10:40 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. Ballroom G: Peerouz Amleshi, director; Davi Correia, signal integrity engineer and Cong Gao, signal integrity engineer with Molex, will join Lin Shen, principal engineer, Insieme Networks, Inc. in a session titled “Intra-pair ‘Unaccounted’ Skew: Effects and Suppression.”  The team will present the results of several experiments on the effects of pbc stack height, trace width, and spacing on trace skew due to variations of Dk.

Product Demonstrations

Three on-going, live demonstrations will take place in Molex booth 117:

  • SpeedStack™ Mezzanine Connector System: Adam Stanczak, global new product development manager, and Mike Rowlands, senior electrical engineer, will demonstrate a 28 Gbps channel through the SpeedStack product family in a 7mm mezzanine stack height. Molex has partnered with Tekronix to drive a 28 Gbps signal through their BERTScope and display the output as an eye diagram to validate a clean signal transmission.
  • Impel™ Backplane Connector System:  Molex will be demonstrating the Impel backplane technology operating in compliance to OIF CEI-25G-LR, 28Gbps on 1m channel using Megtron 6 material and Avago Technologies' leading edge Vortex Gearbox™ AVSP-1104 IC.  The live demonstration will provide critical channel output through a complete high-speed link, leveraging Avago's 28nm SerDes technology to transmit 28 Gbps data error-free through Molex's Impel 6-pair backplane connectors that include transmit and receive active daughter cards. The Impel backplane connector demonstration will allow customers to witness and engage with Molex and Avago technical resources to better understand the requirements and challenges related to OIF CEI-25G-LR and how Molex and Avago's innovative solutions can address these requirements.
  • zQSFP+™ 100 Gbps 4km Long-Reach Silicon Photonics Active Optical Cable Pigtails Singlemode, long-reach silicon photonics AOCs will transmit up to 4km with significantly lower power consumption and cost than other long reach optical solutions.  Molex AOC pigtails allow for connections to singlemode structured cabling up to 4km, and for easy upgrades when next-generation bandwidth cables are introduced.  At 10e-18 BER, Molex AOCs will provide a significantly better bit error rate than other AOC offerings, thus providing a cost-effective, high-performance solution for next-generation data center architectures.  Designed to support 100 Gbps Ethernet and EDR InfiniBand*, Molex zQSFP+ 100 Gbps AOCs will use transceivers based on silicon photonics ICs, offering vastly improved reliability and cost advantages over traditional optical modules, while supporting the rapidly growing use of the industry standard QSFP port.

Product Showcase

The company will display the following solutions from its mezzanine, I/O, power and edge card connector product lines:

  • SpeedStack™ Mezzanine Connector System: Provides PCB real-estate space savings while optimizing airflow with a low-profile, narrow width, dual row mezzanine and edge card system to provide stack heights of 4.00mm to 10.00mm, achieving 40+ Gbps per differential pair.
  • NeoScale™ High-Speed Mezzanine System: Delivering remarkably clean signal integrity at data rates of 28+ Gbps, the modular, triad-based interconnect is designed for high-density printed circuit board (PCB) mezzanine applications with limited PCB real estate. 
  • Impel™ Backplane Connector System: Delivers industry-leading signal integrity and density while providing a scalable price and performance path that enables customers to migrate to faster data rates (40 Gbps) without completely re-designing their architecture or replacing existing hardware.
  • Impact™ XTR Daughtercard: A daughtercard enhancement of the Impact product family, XTR provides an upgrade path for increased signal integrity margin necessary for evolving high-speed development supporting 25 Gbps+.
  • zCD™ Interconnect System: Solves next-generation network data-transmission challenges with data rates scalable to 400 Gbps (25 Gbps per-serial-lane), excellent signal integrity (SI), electro magnetic interference (EMI) protection and the ability to support multiple data center reaches while maintaining excellent thermal performance.  
  • iPass+™ High Density (HD) Active Optical Cables (AOCs):  Capable of delivering SAS 3.0 48 Gbps data rates over four lanes of 12 Gbps with reaches of up to 100 meters, the cables complement existing copper iPass+ HD connector and cable offerings and provide large-scale enterprise and data center storage customers with a complete end-to-end solution. 
  • EdgeLine® High-Speed Edge Card Connectors:  Molex recently added new, high-speed edge card connectors to its EdgeLine portfolio.  These low-profile, one-piece products feature a high-speed differential contact design that enables speeds of up to 25 Gbps while allowing for excellent signal integrity. 

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