Horizon House Publications and Microwave Journal China announced the availability of the technical program for the second annual Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON 2014) to be held April 8 – 10, 2014 at the Beijing International Convention Center in Beijing, China. The technical program consists of 86 peer-reviewed papers (largely from industry), 30 workshops, 5 special panel sessions and 2 plenary sessions featuring guest keynote speakers from leading research institutes, industry and academia.

Accepted papers covered a range of emerging technologies supporting the development of systems and components designed for operation at RF and microwave frequencies, high-speed digital design and test methods for studying devices susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). The conference schedule organized by peer-reviewed technical sessions in the mornings and industry-sponsored afternoon workshops and panels will focus on the latest commercially available solutions in radio frequency and microwave monolithic integrated circuits (RFICs, MMICs), RF semiconductor devices (GaN HEMT, III-V and Ultra-CMOS), high-voltage transistors, envelop tracking, digital pre-distortion, multiple-in multiple out (MIMO) antenna techniques, phased arrays, signal/spectrum monitoring and more. The number of tracks in the technical session has been expanded to include RF/mW and HSD design, RF/mW measurement/modeling, high-speed measurement/modeling, system-level measurement/modeling, system engineering and commercial resources.

The full program schedule, paper abstracts and author information is now available at: EDI CON 2014 Conference Schedule

Peer reviewed technical sessions

Tuesday, April 8th

  • TU101 - Envelope Tracking
  • TU102 - Harmonic Load-pull Techniques
  • TU103 - Spectrum Management and Analysis
  • TU104 - Multiple Antenna Test

Wednesday, April 9th

  • WE101 - RF/MW/HSD Circuit Design I
  • WE102 - RF/MW Measurement/Modeling I
  • WE103 - MIMO OTA Testing
  • WE104 - Global Navigation and Communication Satellite Systems
  • WE105 - Materials and PCBs
  • WE201 - Power Amplifier Design and Linearization techniques
  • WE202 - Device modeling for PA design and stability analysis
  • WE203 - E-band and mmW System-level measurements, planning and synthesis tools
  • WE204 - RADAR and LTE MIMO Systems
  • WE205 - Materials, PCBs and Interconnects

Thursday, April 10th

  • TH101 - RF/mW passive component and antenna design
  • TH102 - Noise characterization techniques
  • TH103 - EMI, high-speed characterization and jitter analysis
  • TH104 - RADAR, Wide bandwidth systems, MIMO--OFDM and Phase Coherence
  • TH105 - MIMO wireless test and spatial channel modeling
  • TH201 - Antennas and antenna array design
  • TH202 - High power transistor characterization and thermal analysis
  • TH203 - Signal Integrity and gigabit channel measurements
  • TH204 - Radio planification, NFC, spectrum emission mask analysis and EMVCo testing
  • TH205 - Commercial resources 1