TGP2105-SMRFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support fortwo new 6-bit phase shifters from TriQuint. Both the TGP2105-SM and TGP2107-SM offer 360 degree coverage with 5.625 degree LSB. Supporting X and Ku bands, the TGP2105-SM and TGP2107-SM span 6-18GHz and offer <10 dB insertion loss. Input IP3 is >41 dBm and both phase shifters P1dB compression points >25 dBm.

The TGP2105-SM requires no negative rail while the TGP2107-SM does not need a reference voltage. Together, the TGP2105-SM and TGP2107-SM offer many options for wideband application in Radar, EW or Satellite Communications. Unpackaged DIE is available for chip and wire requirements as the TGP2105 and TGP2107.